How long is moon water good for

How long is moon water good for?


I feel like it depends on how well you keep it sealed and if you want to consume it or not.

I know some witches who try to use their moon water during each cycle and I know others who keep theirs til they need to use it. I have some particularly crazy thunderstorm water in a mason jar that I’ve had since summer. It still smells ok, but I wouldn’t drink it, ya know?


If you put it in the fridge it should last longer and even be okay to drink within the cycle. But if I kept it out of the fridge I wouldn’t drink it. Sometimes I don’t use moon water in a whole cycle and sometimes I use it to water my plants if I can’t consume it myself.


I put distilled water in a sterilized jar and put it out under the moon I want to charge it with. I have had my moon water for months and it is still good. I don’t drink it though. I only use it in certain spells and they don’t involve drinking it.


Hi @maurice2,

Good question, and I already see lots of good answers! :blush:

Just seconding what others have already said - moon water doesn’t necessarily “spoil” or “go bad” like perishable products might (unless other things were added to the water). If you have pure moon water, it’ll be good to use in spellwork for quite a while!

To check to see if your moon water is still charged with energy, I would recommend finding a quiet, dark place and sitting with your moon water. Hold the vessel with both hands and meditate with it. If you feel its energy, it’s still good to use. Otherwise, it can easily be recharged under the moon again.

Good luck and happy spellwork! :crescent_moon: :jar: :sparkles:


Thank you for all the information, it really helps!


You’re welcome, Maurice - blessed casting! :magic_wand: :waxing_crescent_moon: :sparkles: