How often is too often?

I was just wondering if I can repeat the same spell daily (money spell) or is that too often? If so what is an appropriate time laps?


For a money spell, instead of recasting the spell daily, what you can do is have a daily practice of energy raising and meditation. Then focus on your goal (the money spell that you have cast) and direct that energy towards it.

Patience is key. The spell will take its time and manifest, but it’s hard to tell how long it will take. So if you feel anxious, get into a routine of cleaning and cleansing the home, commune with nature, take walks, plant a seed or take care of a garden.

You can also ask your deities to guide you through the day. Do some kind of divination too and see if you get any signs of what’s coming.

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ty to both of you, great advise


I will do the spell, and then repeat a mantra every morning to myself. There is an eastern belief that words are the only chains we control on our physical body, so I make sure it’s positive words. Then, make sure you still commit to steps in the mundane to bring the spell unto true fruition. If you do a spell for love, and then never try to find any, that seals the failure!


Great advice!!

@Katt After a money spell, you may want to use affirmations such as these:



ty so much @Francisco this is just what i need


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