Confidence in Spellcasting

When casting a spell, it is necessary to be confident in your ability to do so. If you doubt yourself at all during the process, you could be hindering the effects of your magick. This is because the energy you raise and direct are receiving conflicting instructions. Your words and hands and conscious may be telling it to go out and do one thing, but your subconscious and doubt are telling it another.

What does confidence in spellcasting look like?

During your spell, confidence looks like any other time you are confident in what you are doing. It does not mean that you do not have your Book of Shadows or any notes. It does not mean that you perform every movement with exact precision. It simply means that you are doing these movements, saying these words, and raising this energy for a purpose, and your conscious and subconscious are on the same page.

Why might you lack confidence?

Maybe you have not performed a lot of magick. Maybe this is your very first time trying to cast a spell. Maybe your emotions are getting in the way. Or, maybe you are just not ready. All of these things need to be taken into consideration when performing magick and spellwork. If you lack the confidence in yourself, the energy you raise and the Gods you call on (if you do) will take notice. And if you do not have confidence in yourself, They might not either.

How do you gain confidence in spellwork?


Firstly, you need to practice! This does not mean you need to do an elaborate ritual every single day. However, if you are not confident in your circle casting abilities, for example, try to practice that a few times a week. You can cast a circle before you meditate. You can cast a circle before you go to sleep. You can even cast a circle while you cook a meal.

Energy Work

One of the more common aspects of practicing spellwork that I see a lot of witches lack confidence in is the raising, directing, and releasing of energy. We see in a lot of New Age and Wiccan books that the authors always say you need to raise energy, or raise the cone of power, or release the energy. But oftentimes, they do not tell you how! This leads to a severe lack of knowledge on a very important topic amongst baby witches and Wiccans. So, practice energy work. It might feel strange to you at first, but the more you practice, the more attuned you will be to the energy around you.

Create an Outline

You can also outline your magickal workings beforehand, especially if you are like me. I have a terrible memory, especially when I am in the moment . If you are afraid that you might forget a step, keep an outline with you. Write down the things you want to say and keep them at your altar. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an outline or a guide for your ritual or spell. If anything, it will make you more confident because you will not be afraid of missing anything, messing anything up, or forgetting a step.

Remember, do not be afraid to take a step back and practice some of the basics before performing an elaborate ritual. In my opinion, every sabbat or esbat does not need a circle, a spell, or anything crazy to be celebrated. It is vital that you have the basics down, not just because they are important pieces of the magickal process, but because they lend you the necessary foundation for confidence in your practice.

Do you have trouble with confidence in your magick?

If you could get better at one thing that would help your confidence, what would it be?

Sources and Further Reading

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Thanks for this motivational post, Megan! :raised_hands:

I am totally Air-connected, and everything that has to do with aromas and music helps me raise creative energy. But everybody is different so these are some other ideas to raise energy levels for solitary practitioners:


  • Taking deep breaths, or using breathing techniques for meditating
  • Listening to music
  • Singing
  • Listening to the wind
  • Burning incense or oils
  • Forms of light exercise



  • Going out in the sun
  • Staring at a candleflame or bonfire
  • Dancing, drumming
  • Drawing or painting
  • Orgasming
  • Intense exercise


  • Drinking tea
  • Taking a warm bath,
  • Listening to the rain or thunderstorm (or go out in the rain!)
  • Swimming or boating
  • Working with Moon water.

Print it!


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Very good advice, and definitely needed for new witches, I believe just being absolutely convicted in your magic works. I remember in my new days, I would worry about doing it on a specific moon phase, not being able to find the exact herb to use or not even using the right colour candle.

After a few years of learning witchcraft and practicing, I truly believe that any spell can work on any day, any moon phase with no tools or a lot of tools as long as you truly believe in manifesting the power that you want.

Just follow your intuition and do the spell when you feel it is right too.


I agree with you, but we do need to remember that among certain traditions and styles of belief, the moon phases and correspondences are just as important as the confidence and intent behind the spell.

I myself no longer use the moon phases unless necessary, but it is good to remember that some people still do.


This would be a great print page for anyone’s BOS :smiley:


Great idea, Janelle!! Thanks!! I’ll be working on it and will post it here! :+1:


I just added the printable page to my post above!! :point_up: