How to Banish a Negative Person

When dealing with the presence of a negative person in your life, you may find yourself longing for a way to banish their negative energy and reclaim your own sense of peace and happiness.

In the realm of witchcraft, there are spells that can be used to help with just that. Whether you consider yourself a seasoned witch or are merely curious about the world of magick, this spell may offer you the opportunity to create a more positive environment for yourself.

To begin, find a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus your energy. Light a white candle and take a few moments to center yourself. Close your eyes and envision the negative person in your mind, their energy clearly defined. Imagine this energy forming a tightly sealed box. As you visualize this box, repeat the following incantation:

“With the power of the universe, I banish thee,
Negative soul, no longer welcome you shall be.
Into the depths of darkness, you shall fade away,
No longer shall your negativity have sway.”

As the words flow from your lips, imagine the box growing smaller and smaller until it disappears entirely. Visualize the negative person being enveloped in a bright light, their energy transforming into positive and harmonious vibrations. Feel the weight of their negativity lifting off your shoulders, replaced by a sense of calm and peace.

To conclude the spell, thank the universe for its assistance and blow out the white candle, symbolizing the end of the ritual. Carry the sense of relief and positivity with you, knowing that you have taken a step towards banishing the negative person from your life.

Remember, this spell is designed to help you regain control of your own emotional well-being.

It is important to approach witchcraft with respect, using your powers for the greater good. By practicing this spell with a pure heart and intentions, you may find solace in banishing the negative person from your life and manifesting a more positive future.


2 questions:

  1. Can banish my own negativity? :thinking::crazy_face::rofl:
  2. Can I banish a person’s negativity but not the person? I want this person in my life, it’s just that he’s so negative ALL the time.

Well of course you can. I banished my negativity every time it comes in



Yes, a simple fire spell.
Light a white candle.
Invoke deity if have one
Have a fireproof container and paper, pen, matches
Write down all your negative thoughts and feelings, scribble it, over and over until you run out of thoughts, write at the speed you think, (it’ll mean your writing will just be scribbles, marks not actual words, it’s about feelings not letters)
Then when your mind is clear, burn it.
That’s it. I do this. It’s from Juliet Diaz. Bruja.

Do it as much as you like. :sparkling_heart:


Absolutely :100: you can banish any negative in your life. Same concept…just visualize the negative “thing”

Yes this spell is to banish a person’s negativity and you are then sending them healing positive light.


Thank you! :purple_heart::blush: @tracyS @SilverBear


Thanks for sharing this @SilverBear . This one looks like it is worth saving in BOS for that “rainy day” situation.


Great questions!!


Thank you I really appreciate you helping me to remember not to hold on to old stagnant energy!
We just had an eclipse in the moon just wondering if it’s a good time to do magikal workings or better?


I hope you don’t mind slipping in here to answer, but yes - we did just have an eclipse! This handy chart with the times was shared in another discussion:

As seen in the chart, the time of the eclipse is now behind us. However, the moon above is still resting at a solid 99% illumination.

Picture from Moongiant

With the eclipse ended but the moon still appearing full to the naked eye, I’d say it’s a-okay to go ahead with full moon magick (and not have to worry about an eclipse interference) at this point! :grinning: :+1:

That being said, feelings and emotions can greatly influence spell results. I’d suggest checking in with yourself and taking some time to meditate with the current energy in the air. If it feels right, then go for it! If it doesn’t feel good for casting, then it’s perfectly fine to wait to cast in the future :blush:

Blessed be!


Quick question on full moon eclipse. Would I be correct to assume that a mood eclipse is similar to a dark moon, therefor if one was to cast during a full moon eclipse you would be getting the qualities of both the full moon and dark moon at the same time?
Or would it be more like a dark moon casting?


Eclipse energy is not the same as dark moon energy.

Every moon phase has its own energy - eclipse energy tends to be chaotic.

Which, if that is what you are going for there is nothing wrong with working with that energy…Just know that it IS different.

PS - I should add depending on who you read/what your believe you can also find information like this → Lunar Eclipses are viewed in astrology as being deeply transformative times that can bring abrupt and sudden change. While this is true, there is another side to eclipses that is important to remember. Eclipses are like the cosmic helping hand of the Universe, their energies help to break patterns or bring unresolved emotional issues to the surface.


Interesting! Thanks for your reply. I learn something new all the time in this forum!

For curiosity, here are some hypothetical situations for spells cast under a full moon lunar eclipse. Can you or anyone here predict what their outcomes would likely be?

  1. A spell cast to banish a bully at school or work.

  2. A Witches Bottle decoy protection spell (Catches negative energy and baneful magick sent to the target person and neutralizes the negative energy).

  3. A spell for more money and prosperity.

  4. A spell for improving a relationship with a partner/spouse/lover.


Some ideas. They are just ideas to set the tone, and are not predictions. :smile:

Something could be revealed about the bully that greatly shifts the status quo. Or something could actually happen to them. Whatever happens could be something of their own doing or something that could suddenly happen to them.

Does as it says on the label.

Be very specific about how you want this money and prosperity to flow to avoid chaotic surprises that upset you in other ways. And be prepared to put in some extra work, if necessary. You don’t know which way this could manifest, if it does, and these kinds of spells usually require you to work alongside them, anyway.

Again, be prepared to put in some extra work. Whatever happens might require you to be more of a support than you’re used to for this person, which can be quite draining on you. Whether this kind of support will be emotional, financial, physical, or otherwise, preparation and patience will be key.


What a fun exercise in magickal theory! :grinning: And I love the predictions Starborn already explored- those are great! :heart:

I’ll give it a try too, but I want to reiterate what I mentioned above (that I believe that “feelings and emotions can greatly influence spell results”). In which case, if the caster were to cast these spells while drawing specifically on the power of the full moon, the spells would work as stated - no surprises there.

However, if the caster were to intentionally draw on the power of the eclipse and they, like me, associate the eclipse with the energy of chaos, I believe that each spell would be similar to a game of Russian Roulette or a spin of the Wheel of Fortune :ferris_wheel:

In the first example, the spell might work to banish the bully’s influence in your life - but, like the Earth becoming a planetary wall between moon and sun during the eclipse, it’s anyone guess what form that “wall” or blockade between you manifests as. Would it be something helpful - the bully changing schools, karma catching up? Something neutral - they pick a different target to harass instead? Or something even worse - a bigger bully steps in to take their place, a sickness, etc?

I’ll stop there, because when it comes to chaos energy, I feel like it’s really a roll of an infinite die :game_die: (D∞, anyone? :joy:). Our intention still has power in our spells, but by handing the controls over to chaos, I think we lose (or intentionally let go of) the direction of our spells :compass: :cyclone:

(Not saying anything bad about chaos energy here- not at all! Just making the point that chaos energy is, well, chaotic :laughing: )

Just my two cents! Really enjoyed this thought-provoking question. Thank you, @marcus1! :pray:


@marcus1 Can I just add, that if you do want to bring chaos of that nature into your spellwork, then definitely consider calling in Loki to assist. You don’t have to work with him again, but he can help direct the chaos and he can keep control of it. :green_heart:


Just a though, Would the “chaos” of a lunar eclipse work to ones advantage when creating a protective decoy ( would it cause more even confusion to anyone sending out an attack, and effectively turn the bully or attacker into a harmless “Don Quixote” going after windmills thinking they are giants)?

What about solar eclipses, do they have a similar energy?


I work with chaos energy, it’s the only way I do spellwork. The thing with chaos, is it’s unpredictable when working alone with it. I never work alone with it. Chaos energy can bend any spell or intention to your will, any! But, the knock on effects are not always clear before you cast, so it’s difficult to plan what could happen somewhere down the line, as you are dealing with chaos, and this energy has the habit of shifting in different directions as it’s working, if that makes sense. When casting a heavy spell that could backfire, I employ the chaos on the spell, then protection on me and everyone I can think off, and I never do this alone. I always call on Loki because he knows what he’s doing with chaos, and so far, I’ve had no backlash. Chaos by nature is unpredictable but that’s what makes it powerful. If you use any form of chaotic energy, you have to be prepared for that energy to work the spell to your will and accept the consequences, good or bad, that may come as an aftershock, so to speak. I love chaos, I really do, but with baneful spellwork, be a little more cautious, and call in a chaos deity who can direct the energy once it’s out of your hands, and out there. I only know Loki, but I’m sure there are other chaos deities out there, that maybe less, how to say, mischievous to work with :rofl:. Just my view :green_heart:


Hi Marcus,

Tracy shared an amazing exploration of chaos magick - she’s very talented and accomplished when it comes to working with chaos energy, so I can’t think of anything else to add there! :blush:

When it comes to solar vs lunar eclipses, it’s interesting to consider. While both are eclipses, I personally view solar eclipses to be significantly more disruptive (and thus more chaotic) than lunar eclipses.

Lunar eclipses occur during a full moon when the Earth moves between moon and sun, causing the moon to go red/dark. They are visible at night, so those who aren’t aware of the occurance and those who aren’t as sensitive to energy may not even notice.

Solar eclipses, however, happen when the moon moves in front of the sun, blocking its light - they happen during the day, causing our world to go dark. It’s very disruptive and anyone who is outside is likely to notice it.

Again, just my own associations here, but if one was hoping to use the eclipse’s energy for chaos magick, I think a solar eclipse would have a significantly higher level of chaotic power than a lunar eclipse would :sun_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :black_circle: