How To Create Peace In A Jar

I feel you about finding time to do yoga. I find it hard to go slow :snail: I use speed to avoid feelings sometimes. I am pretty good about stretching daily. I worling on getting in yoga three days a week again. I successfully do it one day a week right now…
Yeah I noticed you posted a year ago. Time seems to be moving so fast… i still need to post mushrooms for you…


It it always hard to get to the mat but afterwards I feel like I won the battle! It’s a form of meditation :person_in_lotus_position: and glad you did that for yourself because it’s important to love ourselves!

Me to it’s hard to calm down and listen to my body!

Me too I am always going and going! Trying not too burn myself to the bone :bone:

We have so much in common and I’m praying :pray:t4: for your strength and healing during this phase of your life! Thank you for being apart of my journey ! Lot of love in lots of love out!
My favorite pose is
:dancer:Dancer pose
Warrior one
Warrior two
Peaceful warrior
These make me me feel more confident in myself.

You should I can’t wait to hear more about mushrooms :mushroom: thank you for reminding me ! and glad you will share your wisdom with me. Thank you for your time.
I wish I could make a deck someday! One of my excitements but not sure what I want to focus on. I’m not sure what I’m really good at. One day some dream will mainifest im sure!
Let me know and stay in touch with me. It’s good to hear from you!



Agreed I love these poses as well.
My favorite one right now because I seem to have congestion in my hip and lower back on the right side is fire log pose and forward fold standing up and sitting down.


In cooking, yes I have used it but haven’t used it in spellwork.


Well I am glad to learn more about the healing properties

I printed this out so It’s interesting because it’s sort of like a in because it helps balances hormones so I definitely want to try this out!


The other thing that balances Hormones is Red Clover :slight_smile: