How To Create Peace In A Jar

Try this little jar spell if you are needing some peace in your life.

You will need:
A Jar - be sure to cleanse your jar prior to use with palo santo, sage, cedar, or Florida water
Rosemary - Love, long life, & happiness
Marjoram - Harmony, peace, & tranquility
Cloves - Healing
Lavender - Dispelling, depression, healing & peace
Sandalwood - Enhances meditation

Remember if you are feeling overwhelmed and are struggling and feel you need professional help…never hesitate to contact your local PCP or SAMHSA


Lovely looking jar! And I love that coffee mug too! :coffee:

Thanks @SilverBear as usual for sharing your grounding techniques and tips from your BoS! Looking forward for more!!

One criticism, I felt the music was a bit too loud in the video. But I liked the song, very peaceful! :pray:


I felt the music was too loud too…but for some reason I couldn’t get it any lower than that. LOL. I mean…I COULD lower it but then it couldn’t be heard haha…there was no happy middle ground with that song for some reason. Love my mug. I bought it at my yoga studio I go to.

Thank you!

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Okay another one I can do, you sure do keep me busy! thank you! the music was perfect!

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I keep me busy too LOL!

I’m definitely going to add this to my own grimoire, especially with the tensions that can come up in my home due to differing opinions on…things…between my father and I lol