I wrote my first spell

I wrote my first spell and it was for a person who puts me down and antagonizes me daily. I feel karma would be ok with it. But what spells can I do to even out the angry ones I do. I’d like to do helpful spells for others to balance it.


Do you have any suggestion spells for me
I am open to anything


You know this depends who you ask. Me personally I don’t try to balance out anything based off my spells. I. Circle cast i cleanse, and take spiritual baths. But IMO if you try to not cause any harm you could harm your self in that process. I think There has to be justice! There’s no good without the bad. It equals out to me. I would think about it at least three days before I act if it’s more drastic than freezer spell. I wait three days to really think it out and make sure on my choice. Because you don’t want to do something you may feel bad for. If someone is attacking you and you have tried everything I bump it up. That’s just me. I’ve got a few light curse books if you need a curse. I need to expand my curse books. I think I may have a few dark books come can’t remember but I’d imagine they have stuff too. Hope this helps. This is just my take. Take what u want out of this and throw the rest out


The Little Book of Curses and… https://www.amazon.com/dp/1620871904?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


Thank you. I appreciate you
Blessed be


Of course my friend always here for you. Be safe

Blessed be lovely :rose:


I might have to add some new books to my collection I have 0 curse books


Congrats on your first spell, @shannon44! :sparkles:

I’m sorry to hear about how this person is treating you- no one deserves to be put down like that. I hope that things improve from here and they leave you in peace :pray:

Like Devenne said, the answer to this is going to depend on the person and their magickal ethics (more information about magickal ethics and building your own here) - in other words, every practitioner sets their own rules around what it “right” or “wrong” within their practice.

I try not to cast (or take any action- mudane or magickal!) when I’m all fired up and feeling wronged, because I know I might do something I would regret later. Casting spells that would bring harm to others as goes against my own magickal ethics and beliefs around karma (but there are plenty of witches out there who set different lines- and that’s totally fine! To each witch their own :mage:)

I think it’s wonderful that you’re looking for some positive spells to bring joy to those around you- I’m happy to help with some recommendations! :blush:

Is there something in particular that you’d like to focus on? From healing spells to general blessings, to increasing someone’s good luck, to healing Mother Nature- there are a lot of opportunities for sharing good energy with the world. Here are a few suggestions for you:

Wishing you all the best with your spellwork- blessed be, Shannon! :heart:


Merry meet!

I’m Kat and am currently located in North Carolina. I found the practice over 20 years ago but lost my way for a while. I came home a couple of years ago and found this amazing group of people!! I am an eclectic Green witch with an interest in tarot, runes, herbalism, and moon magic. My deities are Artemis (she’s been with me since the beginning) and Hekate, a recent guide in my life.

I’m not sure if this is the type of thing you are looking for but calming, centering, peaceful spells suggestions include:

We’re glad to have you here. :purple_heart: Make yourself comfortable, explore, and feel free to ask questions!

:herb: :bow_and_arrow: :hekate_wheel: :crescent_moon:


@shannon44 I really don’t have any suggestions that weren’t already mentioned.
But, I wanted to say welcome! :hugs: Make yourself at home :house_with_garden: I look forward to getting to know you and learning alongside you :heart: :blush: :people_hugging:


Thank you and thank you everyone. So nice and inviting. I’m super new. Like I said in my profile I just happened to find this belief, community and magik life. That’s the only thing I can thank my future mother in law for. Unfortunately the circumstances were not of anything nice when I started this lovely journey and new beginnings. I’m so excited to finally figure out and learn all these strange feelings and powers and intuitions I’ve had for a while now. I’ll trailer all the hello I can revive.


You’re most welcome here, Shannon- all of the resources of the main Spells8 site as well as here in the forum are at your fingertips. I hope you find everything you are searching for (and more)! Wishing you all the best as you dig deeper into your magickal studies :books: :blush:

Make yourself at home here- blessed be! :sparkles:


I use the old mirror trick. Whether at home or at work, just place a small compact mirror aimed at that person so that anything they wish for you will come back and bite them in the a#@ss!!! I’ve had a mirror outside my back door aimed at my horrible neighbor for years. Whatever she tries, never seems to touch me!!! Good luck!


Hi :wave: @shannon44

Since this is your first post, I just want to say, “Welcome!” I’m Marsha, and I am an eclectic witch! But I am also a Lightworker, a Starseed, a Healer, and much more! I hope you don’t mind if I share my opinion with you… I agree with all that @BryWisteria shared with you.

My purpose is to shine my light as brightly as I can… Always! My intention is always to help and to heal, and to never harm anyone! Except… sometimes I must walk in the darkness to fulfill my purpose. I don’t ever hesitate when there are evil spirits, entities, etc., that need to be removed and incinerated.

For you, Shannon, I would suggest that you protect yourself. Learn as much as you can about using protection spells.

  1. Protect yourself
  2. Cleanse & clear your space
  3. Do spellwork inside a sacred circle

My wish for you, Shannon, is to be safe and protected. Take care of yourself, hon. We are here for you! :people_hugging:

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always