How to dispose of spell materials?

Hello everyone! I have a few containers from sugar spells with the paper and ingredients still inside. Now that the spells have been cast, what do I do with the sugar, paper, bay leaf? AND, may the jars be reused? THANK YOU!


I have read that you can burn or bury your spell ingredients after they are used :relaxed: but I’m not sure about reusing the jars :thinking:


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This is from the Honey Sweetener Jar Spell page

If the spell has been completed and the results have manifested, the ingredients have now served their purpose and are void. The jar can be opened, the elements safely removed from the jar and disposed of. Some people choose to bury the remains of the spell, others prefer to toss them in water, or you could simply put them in the trash container as you say Thanks.

How to dispose of the remains of the spell?

The most common way to dispose of a sugar or honey spell is to wash the contents out in a river, the ocean, or other running water, and bring the glass jar home. You may also bury or simply toss the contents of the jar in the trash as you say Thanks .


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I see that it says the jars may be reused on the page, but I have another question. What happens if a jar gets opened before the spell is complete? OR, if I have to open a jar to see the paper inside?


That’s a good question. Along those lines, i was wondering what to do with the paper rolled up in black ribbon for the Spells8 Ancestor spell during Samhain. Does one kerp the rolled paper, burn or toss? The spell didn’t specify. Or was it intentionally open ended for the witch’s preference?


Yes feel free to reuse. There is no normal proceedure for disposal we follow.


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You’ve got some great advice here, just wanted to share a link to a post that was really helpful for me: Disposal of Spell Remains. You might get some additional ideas there too!

While it is largely up to the individual, I personally don’t see any issue with reusing spell jars that were used in positive spellwork, especially if the next spell you want to use them for is similar to the first :grinning: :+1:

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@michael10 I personally cleanse the crystals (if any were used) & either put the spell remains back into the earth or burn them to give them to the universe. Then I will cleanse the jar & the cover & reuse it as long as I am able to do it. However, you are called to do it.

If you have to open the jar while the spell is manifesting or doing its job, I would believe that releases any built-up or stored energy that may have been put into it. I think if it’s unavoidable & you must open the jar & do what you need to then reseal the jar with the same intentions updated for what you just did, then that would be acceptable too.

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My little study group, composed of my mother, my little sister, my 6 year old daughter cast a new years spell jar that we made into a necklace. We didn’t want to toss the remaining herbs so we mixed them all up and stored them for a later date