How to dispose of spell remains

Looking for your wisdom! I have read through similar posts but as my spell has some specific instructions I just want to make sure I understand correctly.

My spell says to throw away the remains (can cut the used portion of the candle off and save the rest for another spell).

Does this mean to just throw the remains into the garbage or can I interpret this how I feel, for example, let the ashes blow in the wind? Keep the used portion of the candle to melt down for another use, or should I throw the candle portion into the trash?

Thank you so much for your insight!


There are many ways to dispose of spell remnants. Your candles can be cut and reconsecrate it. Or you can melt it and make another (New) candle altogether. Both ideas are perfectly acceptable.
Waste not, want not.
bright blessings


For the most part yes, do what you feel compelled to do. I tend to bury my spell remains but I also work with Hades. :woman_shrugging: Food parts I will leave out for the wildlife, unless it was an offering to Hades.

Some spells will give very specific instructions such as “bury at the edge of your property” or “dispose of in running water.” This you will want to follow. I’m lucky that I live on a river but running water can be down the sink with the tap going out down the toilet as well.


@piper3330 Hi there - what does your gut tell you to do? What feels right to you based on that specific spell?

First I would learn to right size your candles for the spell - typically chime candles are what you need for small spells, there are 1 hr and 3 and 5 on up to multiple day candles for your needs, of course you can’t always be perfectly on or have the exact right candle, but generally speaking if you can afford it, have access to it and have it on hand, then try to use/plan the right size candle.

Otherwise, I always either burn, bury or discard not in the house my remains of spells if they are to be discarded. Not everyone does that, I’m sure others would say the trash is fine, so… again this is all about intent, and doing what you feel should be done based on your own practice. You will also learn what works for you and what does not. If something doesn’t work out, try something different next time, don’t give up!

Blessed be! :purple_heart:


Yes @Amaris_Bane I agree!


I do the same even tho i dont worship Hades, i worship Hekate and Thor.


Hi @jan_TheGreenWitch the spell says “throw away the ashes and the remains of the candle, or cut off the used pieces of the candle and throw that away, and save the rest to reuse later in another spell.”

I used a chime candle for this spell but had to blow the flame out at a specific point so the candle has not really burned down much and I feel wasteful just throwing the whole candle away.

I’d prefer to cut the used portion of the candle off and throw that out - I don’t know how to reconsecrate/reuse this later?

And I feel that I would like to release the ashes to the wind but I wanted to check here first to ensure this is something I could interpret to my own feelings!


thank you @Amaris_Bane! The spell doesn’t specify a location, just to throw away the ashes and the candle or cut off the used pieces and save the rest of the candle for another spell. My feeling is to release the ashes to the wind.


Yes @Garnet this is exactly my feeling. I do not like to waste and because the spell required me to blow out the flame at a specific point, there is a lot of the candle left and I wouldn’t want to throw it all away when I could use it in another spell.
As for the ashes I would like to release these to the wind as the spell doesn’t specify a way or place to dispose of the remnants, just to throw them away once the spell is complete.


To reuse the candle, simply cut off the used portion. Then you want to re-create the “tip” of the candle and expose the wick. I do this by using a box cutter (I’m clumsy and using a knife would lead me to the ER :rofl::rofl:). Then you can cleanse/consecrate it as you normally would with a new candle.


Amazing thank you so much!


You are most welcome! I do this often. I have a coffee mug obsession that drives my hubby nuts. When I get a new one, he makes me take one out of the cabinet and I have to either throw it out or find an alternative use (the joys of RV/tiny home living). Most have turned into succulent planters. I took one of my larger ones though and have it by my altar and put my recycled candles in there. Then when I’m looking for a candle, I look there first, instead of my new candle drawer. Since it’s by my working space/altar, they are always getting cleansed when I cleanse my space.


This is such a great idea - I also have a coffee mug obsession so I will be taking a pointer from you! :slight_smile:
Another question for you - with the remaining part of the candle, is this okay to use in a completely different spell, or should this be reserved for the same spell/same type of spell?


As long as you cleanse it, it is like a brand new candle. If you don’t cleanse it, then I would only use it in the same type of spell.


Hey Piper!

Without knowing the exact spell that you’re talking about, I’ll give you my general feelings on this.

– If the spell is a bane or some other form of more negative magic then I would dispose of the remains in a trash bin outside away from my house
– If the spell is more positive magic then it’s perfectly okay to interpret it in a way that works for you
– Usually, melting the candle down and turning it into another candle or using it for something else is perfectly fine as long as the spell was more positive in nature. Again, I wouldn’t reuse a candle that was used in baneful magic for anything else.

If this is the way you’d prefer to do it, then that’s perfectly fine! Then all you need to do is a form of cleansing on the saved portion of the candle before you use it again. You can check out this post on how to cleanse a candle and this course on consecrating tools!

I definitely think this should be okay. Is this a releasing spell? If so, that’s exactly what I would do!


Hi @MeganB Thank you for this insight! This has been so helpful. The spell is definitely positive though it isn’t a releasing spell; there is paper to burn and ashes to dispose of from that. Since it has no specific instructions on how or where to dispose of the remains other than to “throw them away” I feel that letting the ashes go in the wind feels right to me.


I’m glad it was helpful! :heart: I think if letting the ashes go in the wind is what feels intuitively right for you then go for it!


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