How to find your guardian angel?

as the title says, i want to know what can i do to find my guardian angel, if i need a spell or meditation , ive always believed in guardian angels ever since i was a kid and ive been wishing to contact mine for the longest of time
any help and tips will be more than welcome ~

thank you very much :3

Hey there!

So, you don’t need a spell to find your guardian angel, but I do have some tips. Now, I think of guardian angels and spirit guides as one and the same. So, if you think differently, keep that in mind when you read these tips. Also, keep in mind that your spirit guide may not want to reveal themselves to you yet - for whatever reason - and you may have more than one guide throughout your lifetime.

Try these things when looking to meet your spirit guide.


Meditation is one of the best ways to attempt to meet your spirit guide. Get in a comfortable position where you won’t be too hot or too cold. I find that wrapping a meditation shawl or blanket around me helps to focus my concentration as well. State your intention - either aloud or silently - and begin your meditation.

Signs and Symbols

Same as meditation, you can ask your spirit guide for signs and symbols to let you know that they are there. You have to be open to these symbols, but you also have to keep your critical thinking close to you as well. You may ask them for a sign and then turn around to see several butterflies. It could be a sign, but you need to be willing to ask yourself if it is also common behavior for that particular animal during that time of year.


If you read tarot or practice with a pendulum, divination can be a simple way to communicate with your spirit guide. Ask questions and - if they’re ready - you’ll receive answers. This can be done with any form of divination.

Dream Journeys

Much like the meditation, if you state your intentions before you lay down to go to sleep, you might encounter your spirit guide in your dreams. If you are doing it this way, I recommend keeping a dream journal. Things might not be apparent at first, but over time, you might see patterns developing when you’re first reaching out to your spirit guide.


Your spirit guide will is always with you, but they don’t always want to reveal themselves to you for one reason or another. Maybe you’re not ready. Maybe they’re not ready. Whatever the reason, don’t give up, but don’t focus on it all at the same time either. They will meet with you when they’re ready - and on their terms.


Dream journeys are a great idea! I suggest you combine a meditation before sleeping with a dream diary right next to your bed (and a pen!) so you can write down your dreams as soon as you wake up.

Here’s a Guided Angel Visualization that might help you get in the right state of mind to trigger a contact:

Good luck! :innocent:

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Thank you so much for the wonderful tips ! Can’t wait to get started ^~^