How to Make Herbal Tinctures

How to Make Tinctures

  • Fill up glass jar with herb halfway.
  • Add vodka so that level of the liquid is at least two inches above the herb. Note: If you are using dried herbs, you might have to add more vodka at a later time.
  • Seal jar tightly.
  • Label jar with date, percentage alcohol, herbs, and method used.
  • Let soak for 8 weeks
  • Shake it up every day
  • After 8 weeks strain mixture and bottle it

The tinctures I’ve made in the past have all been rather small, so just adding a note to anyone using small bottles/jars that the “two inches” guideline is relative to the size of the container you are using. Just a friendly heads up that you may need to adjust depending on how strong you’d like the tincture to be.

And that’s a great point about possibly needing to add more of the carrier alcohol if you’re using dried herbs- they do tend to be much more potent than their fresh counterparts! :+1:

Thanks for this recipe @carter1 :grinning:

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