How to make soap easy

I made 2 bars of soap a few days ago.
And I so cheated!
I bought unscented dove-style soap, ground it, melted it (30 sec at a time in the microwave), and added a Wind Song (prince Machibelli) copycat essential oil. I poured them into a simple mold and let them harden overnight. I was in heaven when I bathed.
You can do this with any unscented oil, I got mine from

It’s not the most expensive but it isn’t necessarily cheap.
Cheating and making soap is not a sin.


Amazing idea as always :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I don’t know why I never thought about doing that with soap when I do it all the time with my candles… :joy: Here you go, Garnet, always teaching me something new and helping me think outside the box! :package:


Oh my…. I have to see if I have any molds!


This is brilliant- what a fun way to make your own custom soap with your favorite smell and shape! It’s a lot easier than doing it from scratch too.

I haven’t made my own soap bottom up, but we had a mini soap kit with blocks of glycerin that worked similarly to this. The kit had food dye to color the glycerin too, so we made all different colors. It was cute and fun! :blush:

Love your creativity, @Garnet- thanks for sharing such a fun idea! I hope you continue to enjoy your extra-special soap :bathtub: :soap: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: