How to Meditate With Crystals: Simple Ways to Change Your Life

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:gem: How to Meditate With Crystals:
Simple Ways to Change Your Life

I love to share that meditation is the best habit you can create. Combining meditation with powerful crystal energies is beneficial to many. In case you didn’t know, crystals from Mama Earth carry frequencies that can balance, adjust, or help us release what’s needed in our lives- simply holding specific crystals adjusts your aura (the electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body).

Meditation lowers stress levels and can bring balance and enhance the mental mind to create positive thoughts. When you pair your meditation with a purposeful intention, you’re able to bring the ultimate outcomes that you desire.

Now, if you combine two high-powered crystals with your chosen meditation to match your purpose, you will be euphoric. Once you get started, you’ll get hooked.

1.:gem: Release of Self-Negativity Meditation
Purpose: This meditation helps you purge those lower vibrations, such as resentments, self-hurting thoughts and fears, a lack of confidence, and self-sabotage that stems from words or thoughts you hold over you.

Best Crystals: Danburite is a steadfast train that rolls through any weather. It’s frequencies break down any and all negative vibrations so it can be swept out of your body and out of your energy fields for good.
Rutile Quartz keeps your frequencies from going back to that same old track of negativity.

Intention & Opening: “I understand that I have allowed self-sabotage; I am now allowing and giving permission to change and adapt powerful loving thoughts, as everyone deserves good things and occurrences in their life. I am part of everyone. I deserve a positive, good life and good opportunities that allow me to move forward. I now accept these gifts and will take action when I am offered these gifts from other people, myself and the universe.”

Easy Guidance: “I release all fears or facades I created in my mind about me and my life. All that is negative, I am allowing myself to change. That includes changing my record, shifting my ideals, and become more honorable, trustworthy, and loyal to myself and others. I am a human being who has faults and can easily move them out- the emotions of them and my mental process of how I think about them, this way I can become all I truly want to be.”

Closing & Gratitude: “I am always able to release any issues that arise. I am powerful in loving ways. I can create my own destiny; only I can release what I need to. I am certainly thankful that I understand how to dispose of any toxic energy with beauty and grace.”

2.:gem: Full Moon Cycle Meditation
Purpose: This meditation is good for completing a cycle or the closure of an event, a relationship, or a personal emotion, along with enhancing your overall energy frequency during the full moon.

Best Crystals: Herkimer Diamonds enhance and advance your well-being and tune-up your frequencies. The full moons energy also amps up your vibes by cleansing and clearing your aura. Combine those with moonstone-a favorable crystal for positive travels, cycles of life, and purposes in our lives-and we can continue to manifest and reset.

Intention & Opening: “I am grateful for the cosmic energy, such as the moon and stars. They favorably guide me in my quest to complete and have closure. I am ready to advance and bathe in the moonlight’s frequencies to charge my energy as it cleanses and clears me.”

Easy Guidance: This meditation is best done outdoors, weather permitting. Basking in the full moon is definitely beneficial to your frequency! Place a Herkimer Diamond and a moonstone so there’s a stone in each hand. Sit or lie in a comfortable position, and if you can, face up so that you can actually see the moon over you. Don’t worry of it’s cloudy, the vibes still penetrate through to you. Now close your eyes and breathe in the outdoor air.

Closing & Gratitude: “I am blessed that I can enjoy Earth and beyond as a connection of all that is. I can synchronize my mind and body to create what I want and need in my current life. I am gifted to be able to sense the moons energy to fulfill and move me forward to my next quest.”

3.:gem: Meditation to Connect to Light Beings & Extraterrestrial Frequencies
Purpose: This meditation will help you connect to light Beings and extraterrestrial frequencies :alien::woman_genie::flying_saucer:

Best Crystals: Celestine/Celestine brings in soft, soothing, loving energy and sometimes calls in light Beings, as does Moldavite. These frequencies allow telepathic communication with those from other atmospheres.

Intention & Opening: “I am and allow myself to connect to [light or extraterrestrial beings]. I will be able to sense them and understand messages from my intuitive abilities and my sensitivities of hearing, feeling, and inner knowing. When I fully wake, I will take notes on my sensations, and thoughts, which are messages from them to me.”

Easy Guidance: Breaths in and out to relax your body. Do this at a nice, slow pace. At least six breaths in and out. As you find yourself completely relaxes, notice your third eye :eye: and visualize white light opening that area of your forehead. It’s easy and light and feels beautiful. This will allow a connection for you and your communicators to telepathically send you information that you can clearly understand. As you relax and feel the white light over the top of your head and forehead, you feel safe and warm. Your body from the nose all the way down to your feet is feeling activated with a heavenly pink light of energy. This makes you feel comfortable. Your shoulders feel like you’re receiving a hug from your guides and friends of the light. They’ll start to show you visions or help you get a color or picture as a message. You may also hear something or feel as though they are speaking to you in your inner mind. Occasionally, you may feel a soft touch on the forehead or shoulder. This is them letting you know they are present. Allow and receive. If you’re completely relaxed and would like to imagine a rope or energy rope that looks like light. You can grab this rope and allow your visitors to pull you into this space safely. When you’re ready to come back to Earth, mindfully ask them to bring you back safely.

Closing & Gratitude: “I would like to thank all the beings who brought me wonderful visions and experiences. I am back and hope to continue a space travel with you soon.”

:person_in_lotus_position: I really hope that you got something’s out of this article from Llewellyn! I found that not enough people are meditating, let alone with crystals. So, I shared this with you all! :person_in_lotus_position:


This is fabulous, thank you for sharing!
I’ll be trying that full moon cycle meditation in a couple of weeks :heart_eyes:


Thank you for sharing, this is awesome! I’ve been meditating every morning for about 2 weeks now and it really is a soul changer! I was sick yesterday from receiving a vaccine the evening before and had the worst time getting out of bed for work, so I didn’t meditate. I felt meh all day. I made it a point to meditate last night and felt better emotionally. Still felt like hot trash but I was happy hot trash! :joy:


Oof, I know the feeling of the aftermath of them vaccines!!! Eh! Sorry I hope you’re feeling better now! I’m glad you found something out of the post you like! :pray::gem:


Ooh, that’s a good one! I was planning on doing that, too. We can be together in spirit! :blush: