How will i know what type of witch i am

Am new still and everything is still so amazing I don’t a clue how I’ll know. Crystals i love and have. I do love the Dia de los Muerta skills. i have them all thru my house. i just doubt want to know everything I know and not acting on it…
blessed be


Hi @KristiAnn I’m still a novice as well. Welcome home and it is quite amazing!

I was quite overwhelmed at first seeing all the choices and paths one could take. The great thing is, you don’t have to pick just one path to follow staying only on that path…unless you want to. And you don’t have to be any “type” of witch, you can just be…a witch! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Don’t feel the need to pick a type or path right off the starting line unless it is something you want to do.

I know there are resources here to help guide you in that way and I’m positive one of our coven members will post the links, sadly I’m not that good at forums or computer. (For being married to an IT field tech I’m horrible with electronics :sweat_smile:)

It sounds like crystals would be an excellent place to start! I hope you find your path and that it takes you to many happy and fulfilling places! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Greetings @KristiAnn,

I hope you don’t mind that I rehomed your question into the Q&A Category so that the coven knows it’s a call to action- hopefully you’ll be able to get more answers and input here! :blush:

The question of what witch type to choose is one that many witches find themselves asking at some point in their Craft- it’s a great one to ask yourself, as it means you are learning more about yourself and connecting deeper with your magickal practice :sparkles::books:

As an answer, I really love what Mia said:

Couldn’t have put it better than this! :heart:

Every witch is free to explore different labels and types to find what (if any label- or no label at all!) suits them best. You can change at any time and likely will- as a living, growing, and learning witch, your practice will naturally develop and evolve along with you, and that’s a very exciting thing! :blush:

I personally like the label “Eclectic”- it covers just about everything and means that you learn and draw from many various different ideas, aspects, paths, and/or traditions.

Whatever label(s) you choose or don’t choose, have fun exploring- this is your magickal journey, and I hope you enjoy the fun ride! :woman_mage: :sparkling_heart:

Lots of love and many blessings!


First things first, don’t rush things. It’s a bit like figuring out what you’re jeans size is. Not every size six is the same. Go through the courses, see what interests you, and research, research, research!

Take small steps. That’s where things like the Weekly Challenge will help you. You can dabble in different things, and see what you like.

Take your time and things will fall into place! And don’t be afraid to ask questions like this one, it’s a good one!


I’m new also, so I’m still trying to figure it out. Lol! I’m kind of unique.


Hi @KristiAnn and welcome! When I first started a couple years ago, I was where you are - overwhelmed with the many paths that one could take. So I did exactly what @Amethyst is suggesting. I would find a topic that I found interesting and dig deeper. If I found when digger deeper, it wasn’t for me, no big deal. I have learned something new about myself!

There also is not one set path within a type of witch. If you want to be a green witch, you don’t have to start with plants, you can start with dried herbs or crystals.

The important thing is to follow what you are called to do. You can worry about labels later. Most of the time I just say I’m eclectic although I’m mostly a green/kitchen witch.


@BryWisteria agreed @Mia.1 said it beautifully


@Ostara yes u are. And its one of many reasons im honored to call u my friend


@KristiAnn As. Usual our coven has already said it all so perfectly. Each person adds their own unique twist, experience and perspective. If you find someone here you seem to align with more, then you could explore deeper what they do and why you are more drawn to it.

I personally love to direct baby witches to this YouTuber’s video:

Also, I started practicing when I was about 19 years old and my craft and practice looks much different now than over the decades. I’m 57 this year and a green witch and it took me quite a while to settle in. Also, I am still learning more and more each day because there is so much to know and learn which is fantastic! I have had and collected and used crystals for over 2 decades yet here I am on a new quest to understand much more with those here who are more expert at this than I.

Have fun, enjoy and do what you are drawn to and your intentions will work, I (we) promise! :green_heart::magic_wand:


Awww, thank you @Mistress_Of_Herbs.


Being unique is great!! My hubby and I were talking on a car ride back home once (it’s a two hour drive) and I asked him why he loved me. He sat there for a minute and said because I’m weird, lol! He said he loves that he never knows what he’s going to get with me and that I’m not like the other girls/women he knows.

Cheers to all us unique women!! :clinking_glasses: :beers: :champagne:


Our husbands are so much alike!


Hey Kristi! :wave:

I’m just here to reiterate what everyone else has already said. Different “types” of witches aren’t necessarily a classification but more of a self-assigned label. If you don’t want to choose a label right now then you definitely don’t have to! I personally don’t use a label because I do all kinds of things in my practice. This includes some ocean magic when I’m at the beach, kitchen witchery when I cook, and art witchery when I crochet!

If you’re interested, I actually have a video where I talk about my thoughts on different types of witches and how labels can be used (or not used!) to define one’s practice :heart:


Hello, @KristiAnn. I say follow your curiosity for now. You don’t need a title. Try lots of things and see what resonates. I am enjoying the weekly challenges - they are encouraging me to try new ideas.


@jan_TheGreenWitch thank you for sharing this video. It is very informative.


I am so overwhelmed with all the positive energy from all ya all on this website. It makes me feel that my path was a right move for me. Am listening to all of you. With the mad amount of love here no doubt I be perfect at what is to be my way…


@Ostara @Amaris_Bane yalls hubbys sound like mine


I think strong clues are what you spend money on…the most… and what you spend time researching and reading about…the most. You know, like the saying, where your treasure lies, there your heart will be also. I like most aspects of magic but when I think about it, what I do the most research on these days and spend the most money on is herbs and Tarot. At one time, it was mostly about the crystals. There was a time when I was big into all the tools and that has changed a bit. So, there’s no reason to limit to yourself to a category but that’s one way to go. What’s on the bookshelf is probably a big clue into your true loves. I would say in your case your dios de los muertos figurines (they are so wonderful) are a big clue that you are interested in the spiritual side of works, or maybe that you have a whimsical anc creative side to your practice! Which would be delightful :slight_smile:


Also, if you are into astrology, look at your birth chart and that might give you some clues as you find your witchy path, especially any planets and transits you have in the 8th and 12th houses. Also look at where Neptune (intuiion, psychic ability, metaphysics), Pluto (occult, death, transformation) and Black Moon Lilith (psychic, also some witchy proclivities) are placed in your chart, as well as the basics: your sun sign and ascendant (your personality, temperament, joys and tendencies). If healing or potions, jars, herb work are big parts of your magic, also look at where Venus is in your chart.


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