I almost messed up!

I have these vines that I planted 30 years ago. Every early spring and fall they bloom beautiful yellow flowers that smell great. I noticed this morning when I was leaving for work that they are blooming. I had a great idea to pick the flowers and mix some with vodka for room spray and some with oil for anointing. I thought this plant was part of the Jasmine family because they are called Carolina Jasmine. Looking it up I found out it is Carolina Jessamine and the flowers are poison. I’m glad I didn’t pick the flowers!


Wow! I’m glad you didn’t pick them, it could have made you sick! Just enjoy the fragrance from a distance. :hugs:


I’m glad you looked it up before doing anything else!


Oopsy! That would have been bad. Glad you’re okay!


Nice save, @Ostara! :+1: I’m really glad you decided to look it up- there sure are a lot of plants that look the same/have similar names but have a world of difference between them :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

It reminds me of this discussion a while back that talked about the nasty evil twins of some common healing herbs, and I’m reading a book called Wicked Plants now for book club- it’s a very eye-opening reminder that, although nature is a wonderful thing, it needs to be respected and always handled with caution :warning: :herb:

Good for you for staying safe, and thank you for sharing a very important reminder about plant safety for everyone! :pray::heart:


Thank you everyone! You should have seen the look on my husband’s face when I told him about it. Lol! From now on when I decide to use a plant from the yard I will double check to see if it is what I think it is.


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