I am a Healer

Any suggestions on how to become one with my gift? What is the best way to get to know my guides and use my gift?


I would recommend meditation, that’s how I first met my guides. I was doing a meditation specifically to meet my guides. Anyway, that was my intention. It took time for me, I got the letter M, and then sometime later, I got her full name.
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I am about to start my afternoon meditation right now


Out of the blue, I had a vision of the energy in my hands… I was told that great responsibility comes with the gift of healing. I was also told why I was chosen. I didn’t know how to use it so I found a class called Healing Touch And that’s where I began. Of course, one class let to another, and so on!
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@QueenC i agree with @marsha meditation is a great way to meet your guides. There qre some great guided meditations on YouTube as well if u are like me and need a bit of help in the meditation department. As for getting in touch with your gift, my best advice is just do it. It says u are a healer in your header, then research herbs, oils, spells, crystals, etc. That should get u started, once u start to see what all is out there u can narrow it down or broaden your horizons. We as witches are always growing and learning.

Im a healer with an emphasis in herbs and oils. Where others use crystals and energy (reiki). Some use all. I personally would love to learn more about crystals and such, especially since when i make a tea or an oil blend for someone i go overboard with adding my energy sometimes.

If u have any questions please dont hesitate to ask.


You all have been so helpful, and I cannot thank you enough! I am blessed to be a part of an amazing group of beautiful souls! Thank you


@QueenC Hi there - I highly recommend this book to start with - and we all have our own type of guides and find them in many different ways. I have a spirit animal guide, but she is more for comfort and anxiety and calm, whereas my ancestor spirit guides are for wisdom and direction. Good luck as you seek your guides!

Light Is the New Black: A Guide to Answering Your Soul’s Callings and Working Your Light
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Hi, welcome to Spells8.
I’ve always been drawn to healing and my family encouraged me to be a nurse, which I did and practiced for 35+ years.
When I was young, I was working as a nurse’s aide and I met a lovely woman of color. She was quite elderly, utterly charming & a natural teacher. I had just done her evening care when she said to me, “I’m gonna show you something.”
She proceeded to ask that I hold my hands, palms down, over her leg. She told me to close my eyes and concentrate as I ran my hands above her leg. So, starting at her ankle, I held my hands over her ankle and slowly ran my hand up her leg. When I was done she asked, "What did you feel?
“I’m not sure,” I said. “I thought I felt heat in your knee.”
"That’s where my pain is. Now, do it again and when you feel the ‘heat’, Take it in your hands and throw it away to the west.
Feeling silly I did as she said and actually felt the heat being absorbed into my hands. I closed my hands into fists and turning west, flicked it away.
“You got the gift, Girl.” she told me.
“Why west?”
"Sun gonna carry the pain away from you, take it with him.
I wish I could have known her better.

In my practice, although we as nurses aren’t considered qualified to diagnose, More than once I’ve called a patient’s doctor about an issue. Some would ask what I thought and on several occasions, as I described the symptoms, I also suggested that they may have been in heart failure or something else. More than often, I was right. But at the same time, I wasn’t careless with my gift. Therein lies disaster. To openly flaunt your gift is neither wise nor safe.
Like the Knight said in Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail. “Choose wisely.”
I send you the gift of healing.
Blessed be.


Whoa @Garnet that is EPIC - what a beautiful story and so intense! The GIFT is just that - it is the energy in the universe, the gods, dieties, God, G-d, ancestors, spirits working through you for the good - THEIR energy gifted to you. Use it wisely is spot on, you don’t want to incur anyone’s negative juju. :slight_smile: :magic_wand:


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