I am becoming the home of animals, lol

So, since turning to this path I am on, I have found that we are now the home of rehomed pets. When I started I had my Dachshunds Juno and Harper and my cat, Hope. Since then, Juno went to live with my parents and other daughter (she and Harper did NOT get along and Juno missed my oldest kidlet, so it worked out).

But I gained so much more since then.

My oldest daughter asked me to rehome a fixed grey female cat that her friend needed find a home for. We called her Sadie but also goes by Shredder as she is quick to use those claws to remind the stubburn Harper her place in the world. That was fine.

About 3 weeks ago, my oldest was doing work for a woman in the building where she lives (getting paid, too, little business girl) and the woman was looking rehome her sister’s 14 yr old fixed male. Her sister moved to the Dominican and couldn’t take the cat with her, though she did try to take him with her. So I said yes.

Now…my kid is asking for rabbit. For context, I live in a small 700 sq ft unit and things work but yes it’s chaotic. Not that I’m complaining as I did say yes to this.

Just feel it’s funny how all these animals are finding their way here. Do I have a sign up in the universe that say ‘open for rehomes’?? lol.

And yes, as you can see I am definitely an animal lover.


I completely understand! I have 3 dogs and 1 cat living in my small house and many feral cats outside. I’m glad all my kids are grown and have moved out because I have no room for them!


I’ve always believed that animals can tell (usually right away) when there’s a good soul around- I think they can sense that someone has love in their heart and will take care of them.

On that same note, if one of the animals in my life is really uncomfortable around someone for no apparent reason, it’s usually a big red flag for me too- sometimes I trust their senses over my own! :laughing: :black_cat:

You love animals and they love you too! :heart: :handshake: :blush:


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