I can't connect with my tarot decks

Hello :heart:

I’ve always been interested in tarot. I had my first deck almost two years ago now (wow, time flies!) and when I was in the shop, I felt the deck calling me. I even dreamt with it until y bought it. Then… nothing. It happened more than once, I feel the needing of buying a tarot deck and when I’m trying to use it, I don’t feel any bond and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I don’t know if I didn’t consecrate wright or what happens, but when I have it in my hands I can feel their energy.

Can anyone please give me any tips about how consecrate properly, and how to start bonding with them? Please

Thank you

Edit: I’m remembering something… When I was almost a teenager, I had a little major arcana tarot deck that was given away with a teen magazine, and I could bond with it. I even predicted a new job for my dad, but I guess my mom would scrap it during the move.


Greetings @SpanishWitchy!

Consecrating is the act of welcoming a new tool into your practice and dedicating it to the purpose of working magick with you. While the finer details of consecration rituals can vary quite a bit, the purpose is almost always the same.

If I had to make a guess, I’d say that your consecration work probably went fine- I imagine the deck is primed and ready for magickal use. From what’s you’ve said, it sounds to me like the issue isn’t that the deck isn’t ready for magick, but that you’re not feeling a connection with it.

There are many ways a witch can try to build a bond with their tarot deck- perhaps the most common I’ve heard is sleeping with the deck under your pillow :sleeping:

You could also try welcoming the deck by giving it a place of honor on your altar and letting it adjust there for a period of time before using it in practice :place_of_worship:

You could also meditate with the deck- place it in front of you or hold it in your hands and meditate on it. You could go through the cards one by one, mindfully observing and focusing on all the details. Let the deck speak to you and learn its language before using it in readings :speaking_head:

I personally like to sit with my decks from time to time and simply shuffle them- not use them in readings or put them to work, but just spend some time with them as they are. I feel it helps me bond with the deck, calms my mind (and also improve my shuffle game! :laughing:)

I hope you’re able to find some ways to connect with your deck and rekindle that initial spark you felt, @SpanishWitchy- good luck and blessed be! :heart::flower_playing_cards:


I’ve been in the same boat you’re in so you’re not alone! :sweat_smile: I have so many beautiful tarot decks but sometimes I just can’t connect with them. For a while there, I was dealing with a lot of focus and concentration issues which was making my ability to read tarot…not the best.

Anyway, @BryWisteria has given you some great advice on how to connect with your decks. I’d like to offer another piece of advice that might help :blush:

Take your cards out and spend a few minutes with them, shuffling them and meditating how them and their energy. Then, do a Nice to Meet You tarot reading :tarot_card: Essentially, this is you getting to know your deck. Not everyone does these but sometimes it can be helpful when you’re having trouble connecting with the deck. I don’t have my own spread for this so I’ll link you to a few different ones that you can try.

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I’ve done interview spreads for a few of my decks and have found that they really help. It’s also interesting to see what kind of personality each deck has!


When I bought my Tarot Draconis deck, it took some time for me to connect with it, even though I wanted to buy it. Its energy felt horribly off and I was reluctant to use it. I put it on my altar with rosemary essential oil diffusing, and laid some clear quartz for a few days to spiritually cleanse it.
Is the energy of your deck feeling off?

To form a bond with your deck (or anything in general) you’ll need to spend some time with it. @BryWisteria gave some good advice: you can meditate with your deck or shuffle the cards without doing a reading, and observe the details of the cards’ artwork.


Oh, what a nice idea! I think tonight I will do a cleansing of the cards and I will sleep with it for three nights and I will try to do a one-card spread to go bonding with it.

Thank you so much!!! :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:



wow, I feel so much relieved to know I’m not the only one!!

Maybe when I try to use the cards, I’m not in my best mood, so maybe I pass some of that "bad feeling to the cards! I’ll clean all my decks and the wooden box where I keep them, and I will do a simple spread, to try to connect with them.

Is that posted anywhere? I’ll check the links!!
Thank you so much!


No, I dont feel any bad energy in the deck. I have a deck of rune cards with which I connect right away, but with the tarot cards and some oracles that I have I don’t feel that same energy. Maybe I tried to use them in a moment when I felt my energy wasn’t the best, and I gave part of that feeling to the cards. I’ll put some rosemary and a clear quartz in the box where I keep all my decks.


That sounds like a great plan, @SpanishWitchy- I hope you’re able to build up a wonderful bond with your tarot deck! :flower_playing_cards: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please let us know how it goes- good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


That could be a factor, too! Your mood can greatly affect your ability to connect with cards in the moment, in my opinion. If you’re not in a good mood when you go to do something you enjoy, chances are you’re not going to have as much fun doing it :sparkles: the same applies to tarot and witchcraft, too!

I hope it works out for you if that’s what you choose to do! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



I DID IT!!! I finally could start feeling I created a bonding with it!! I followed all that @BryWisteria said, I sit with my cards and shuffled it, I prayed some Florida water all over them, and as @MeganB, I introduced myself, I thanked the deck for choosing me, and I pulled one card. That card answered a question I had in my mind, and it was amazing!

Thank you, all of you, for your kind words and your unevaluable help!!

Blessed be!! :heart:


YEAH!!! :partying_face: You’re awesome, @SpanishWitchy- a huge congrats to you! :heart: I am so happy you were able to bond so well with your deck!

Wishing you many more successful readings to come- blessed be and happy readings! :sparkles:


Oh my goodness, congratulations! :partying_face: :tada: :clap: :sparkles:

I’m so glad you were able to connect with your cards :heart: Cheers to many more successful divination sessions :clinking_glasses:


That’s great to hear! May your Tarot deck provide you with some useful insights.


@SpanishWitchy Sodalite is a great one for tarot cards

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It enhances intuition.
It encourages truth.
It corresponds to the third-eye chakra.
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