I can't shake off this tattoo I seen

I may have told this story before about me at Navy Pier

I was at the food court for my food sat down at a table
Then the old polish crowd came and asked me if it’s ok to sit I said yes , then this one girl has the tattoo on her right arm ( the one in the pic) I want to know the meaning of that tattoo for some reason

This crowd I feel like we all did this before deja vu
They might be something like time travelers that’s what I felt

If anyone knows the meaning of that tattoo let me know?
And any thoughts about this crowd let me know

For some odd reason I cannot get them out of my head


I think I saw one like this earlier today… Or was it yesterday. :thinking:


I’ve never seen this. Interested to know it’s meaning :green_heart:


Sorry, I don’t know the meaning either!

When I see four triangles together I can’t help but think of the four alchemical element symbols: :fire_element: :air_element: :water_element: :earth_element: , but the elementals face different directions. These triangles in the image all face the same way :thinking:

Maybe someone here will know what they symbolize or, if it’s an image with deeper meaning specifically for you, perhaps your deities or guides will have some insight! Perhaps you could consult with Them?

Good luck! :sparkles:


This is a quest in it’s self lol. First thing in my head was time travelers


I’m with Bry on this one - it reminds me of the four elemental symbols, though I know that’s not what it looks like. It’s possible the tattoo itself is either a simple geometric design the person liked or it has a personal meaning to them.