I don't have any candles.... now what?

Candles are expensive… right? And you have a spell you want to do and Covid 19 has you locked down. NOW WHAT???
I went online and I found some great resources. I thought I would share.

I thought you might want to add your own ideas … get those thinking caps on!


Hee! How creative! I’d probably burn my house down doing one of those. :fire: :fire_engine:


Hilarious AND useful! I love it!
Something I discovered the other day is that lavender burns like CRAZY so when a wick went out on a particularly crappy tealight I put a TINY piece of lavender on the remaining wax and lit it… it burned for hours!
I realise that was probably dangerous and stupid and there are better wicks in the world than lavender but sharing is caring? :joy:


Great ideas! I loved them all, especially the orange and oil one! I’ll have to try it! :tangerine:

Thanks for sharing, Berta!!


I am going to look at “the power of cheese” a whole new way…


These are some great resoucres, @Berta! These take creativity to a whole new level- desperate candle-less times call for desperate measures :joy::candle:

I don’t know which one is my favorite- orange candle, cheese wax candle, crayon candle- but I have to admit I lost it over the stick of butter candle :butter::rofl:

Someone had a lot of fun sticking lit matches into things and seeing what happened. Sounds like a fun (albiet rather risky!) science project! :laughing:

Thanks so much for putting these resources together and sharing with everyone! :hearts: