I find this picture very intriguing

I find this picture to be VERY intriguing and I find myself staring and feeling very drawn to it…almost like a trance…this kinda music speaks to me and my inner witch. :black_heart:

Very strange. I don’t even know what something like this means or what the reason is but the music itself is so entranceful…

Anybody know why this picture might be wooing and enchanting?


My, my! I truly connect with your feeling dear @triplemoonlove9091 ! I mean, I myself have got two extremely entranceful and enchanting songs in my spotify playlist that just awakens my inner wiccan! I always feel so much transcendental and like soaring, all at once! I also collect witchy quotes and deep old soul quotes from Pinterest! I have always felt that I am an old soul even if I am the youngest one in my family! :sweat_smile: Soo, I guess in this picture somewhere, you see yourself! Trust me, that’s the medium of our Souls reaching out for an acknowledgement! :innocent: I think that’s what I felt like an answer to your question…I hope you feel much more clear about your inner magick! Blessed be… :sparkles:


Art is magick. Music is magick. The combination of the two can be extremely alluring and entrancing for the viewer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If you feel there may be a pull towards something deeper, then I say that is worth exploring! One possible method is to save the image (or this screenshot of the image) and do a search- preferably while still listening to the song. Look for deities, spirits, angels, etc and see if any of them seem to align with what you are feeling about the picture and music.

If there is indeed something deeper, I wish you all the best with uncovering what it is- good luck and blessed be! :heart:


I always find being drawn to something to be like a magical treasure hunt, have fun with yours


From what I can see, it kinda looks like you. Maybe it is an image of what you believe to be your ideal self?


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