I found a really good witchy resource

Has anyone here heard of Ariel Gatoga? I have been following him on YT for a few weeks now and have started his beginner witch training podcast (free of course) and he seems to have a ton of information and good practices within his course. He also does an all signs tarot reading, weekly tarot reading and other videos on different spells. All his stuff is free but he does have affiliate stuff available to purchase and a donate (PayPal) button but from what I understand he loves what he does and wants to have it free for all. I use his grounding meditation for my daily ritual. I don’t know how to add to the wiki and I just checked and he is not there yet. He does have his own coven (forum) but I haven’t joined that since I belong to the Infinite Roots coven here.

Hope everyone finds something there that helps in their practice.

Bright blessings!


Thanks for sharing! I have not heard of him before. I will definitely check it out


Awesome, thank you for sharing!


Thanks for the recommendation, @Magdelina! I hadn’t heard of Ariel Gatoga before. Adding in a quick link to his YouTube channel for anyone interested:

I took a look at his videos and saw one that called out to me. I’ve been going through a phase of interest with money and business spells lately! :grin::money_with_wings:

Thanks again for sharing! :blush:


I LOVE HIM!!! I’m working my way thru his course!


Thanks for sharing! I am always looking for fellow YouTubers to follow :hearts:


@AliceInWonderdab I do too. He is so awesome esp his all signs tarot readings. I am on the fire elemental class (focus and will) it’s hard to keep focused on those tasks that I have procrastinated on but my husband is keeping in me check. I have 2 more on my list of 7 and then I am done. I’m not sure how far you are but I am taking it slowly.

Bright blessings!!!


Ariel Gatoga is a really engaging teacher. I learned a lot when I found his podcast, super recommended! :+1:

Thanks for sharing @Magdelina


Yes! He would always pop up on my suggested videos when I started down this path so I finally decided to subscribe. He does have a lot of great resources as well.