I guess I'm looking for a summoning spell

Hey guys I’m trying to make my god daughter like a sigil or something I can have her wear like a piece of jewelry so that whenever she needs me she will be able to like summon me no matter where I am if that makes sense my best point of reference is the snowglobe from the Santa Claus I can just make a sigil I know but I’m hoping there is something out there already so if anyone has any feedback or advice would love to hear it


Sorry @trevor, that’s a bit above my level. Can she have a phone? They should make a kiddie phone like they do for seniors that just lets kids text and call their family.


Do you mean like a physical summoning spell to move you from one place to another? Because that’s impossible with our current understanding of the laws of physics. As Amethyst has suggested, will her parents allow her to have a phone? That’s far easier.


Wow… thats a tall order, @trevor It saddens me to ponder the reasons someone would need to be alerted by a child in a magickal way. I pray she is in no danger.
As Amethist mentioned, there are children’s cell phones and even trigger devices like Life Alert that will contact a call center to send police or EMS.

As for magickal means… they are limited.

The ones I know for an amulet or jewelry would produce an affect that only someone very sensitive or psychic would pick up easily.
Very subtle otherwise. Easy to miss if you’re not actively paying attention and looking for it all the time. Affects vary from a feeling of unease or anxiety to a mental whisper to an event in a dream. All easily missed.

The sigil requires it to be tattooed on both of you. It is not a single sigil. It must be within a key/seal from the book of solomon. Difficult to conceal and requires the services of a highly skilled tattoo artist.
The simplest producess a tingling heat when triggered. More agressive ones are practically a slave brand. Neither the former or later are suitable for a child that canot make an adult decision to scar her body permanently.

I know no way to do something with a snow globe. Closest thing I can think of is a crystal ball spelled to be triggered by something the child will have in her possession. However, Affecting a crystal ball to do anything noticeable for you without you actively scrying with it at the time the summons trigger is sent is not something I’ve come across either. I don’t know of any way to make it do something obvious like light up.

The other ones I know are blood magick and require the willing participation and blood of both parties being bound. It comes with great risks since it is a binding spell, and very difficult. It requires a mastery of visualization.
I myself cannot even entertain the thought of attempting it though I have been trusted to record such spells.
I will NOT share unless you can prove you are high level, adept at blood magick, and of great experience.

Hopefully another witch knows how to do something different.

Good luck, and blessed be.


Thank you for the help And she is no way any actual danger but she is just about to turn 12 and she recently gotten into like super basic witchcraft stuff and she is like my.number one fan no matter what I do she has my back 150 percent and has been like that since she could talk that’s where I am a bit of a fuck up on my end and often off trying to chase down some new found crazy goal I got so I thought it would be a really cool birthday present for her if I could get her a necklace or a ring of some kind with like a sigil or a rune of some kind where she knows if she puts enough energy into it she could like force the universe almost into bringing me to wherever she is cause she constantly wants me around like if I go visit her I have To sneak out of the house to leave cause if she knew I was going home she finds any reason she can for me to stay there so I thought if I could give her something so that she knows that I will always be there if she needs me even if I’m not in the area cause Im not the best with a phone sorry if this was long-winded I just don’t really know how to exactly word the exact thing I’m looking for


Thank you and that’s essentially what I’m looking for But she is only 12 so I’m trying To find a easier way For her to be able to do that


With her being so young and impressionable I can’t recommend anything like what you’re asking. There are easier mundane options that you can take while instilling good boundaries and foundational magical skills to her if that’s something her parents/guardians have approved of.


Having been an impressionable 12 year old girl once and hearing how intensely she feels about you, I know girls of this age sound like they know their mind completely but they do not have adult levels of judgment and their boundaries can be flimsy. Please consider discussing and obtaining consent for any gift or symbol you bestow on the girl with the mother in advance and give her in any gift in the mother’s and hopefully also the father’s presence. Complete transparency. And maybe give her a little space so she connects with her peers more than adults, if you feel she has fixated on you. It’s so important for her, developmentally. The parents may be completely on board and trust you implicitly but as you are not a blood relative, it’s vital to have safeguards in place to prevent any possible misunderstandings.


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