I had some visitors -- then wondered what it meant

It’s not uncommon for me to see a deer where I live…but there were FOUR in my yard - I only captured three as the fourth was on the side of the house in the trees…but I wondered if there was a message for me that I needed to hear…and there sure was!

What is the spiritual message of a deer?

Deer represent compassion, tenderness, and emotional intelligence. If you have been hurt and your heart requires attention, a deer may appear to you.

Working with deer energy can help you strive toward your goals with positive intentions and a clear and pure heart.

The Deer encourage you to be more kind to yourself and others. This animal assists you in listening to your inner wisdom and choosing the best path for your soul’s growth.

The deer represents gentleness balanced with immense strength.

This gives Deer Spirit the courage to act despite the difficulties in their path.

Deer also help us reconnect with our inner child, reminding us of those carefree days when we felt excited about the little things and acted more spontaneously.


Oh my ! @SilverBear :face_holding_back_tears: :deer: :brown_heart: I just went from normal to unable to speak… when I watched this heart - melting video, Laurie! :hugs: :heart: I would love to add here :smiling_face: that I’m a Pisces moon & rising both, mainly. And also in few other planetary positions, i have this sign. I once saw on google that a piscean’s strongest astrological spirit animal is, deer. :sob: :heartbeat: I was so overwhelmed because when i read a deer’s spiritual symbolism, it felt like i was reading a mirror! :sparkling_heart: And now, this topic you have created, has once again, filled my eyes with tears of sheer admiration and love for these creatures of purity & power. :face_holding_back_tears: :pink_heart: :brown_heart: I too feel that these heavenly little visitors, came just for you, to receive this beautiful message, from The Universe! :hugs: :two_hearts: :hearts: :dizzy:

All those reminders of recognizing… your sparkling courage to face all the odds, the compassion of your pure heart, listening to your intuition for your spiritual growth and that cute & cuddly lil inner child we all have inside, :smile: :angel: :magic_wand: residing in the same seat with so much emotional intelligence! :innocent: :white_heart: :sparkles: Goodness… I think you just got blessed with some deery-love! :deer: :heart: This video is just beauty personified. I am so inspired & touched, i will soon send you a poem in PM based on and for this magical & cute little visit! :people_hugging: :revolving_hearts: :pen:

Blessed be, the queen of witch bottles…
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Looove you so much, my silver sweetness.
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