I had the weirdest dream 🤔

I was living with my mother and sister as we used to and the place seemed old, still very clean… As I was coming home from school(?) maybe, or probably work, I encountered a cat, very beautiful, a small and fluffy one, with grey fur, (as I am googling it rn, Ragdoll breed fits the description perfectly).
I am not a cat person, myself, I would never adopt one or live with one under the same roof. I respect them from afar.
But this one was so cute and pretty, so I took it home. Mom said something around “You take responsibility for it”, but I refused and said, I brought it home to play with, not adopt. So I took the cat out, and it was struggling and fighting me to get back inside.
Now the weird begins, the cat started to transform into different animals, the ones I can remember - snake, dog/wolf, horse(?), and some other weird creatures…
That scared me.
I woke up … with the feeling that it was good I didn’t let that “cat” into my house.

Don’t get me wrong, I had weirder dreams, but this one hit hard. And it’s not the first dream when I feel like being manipulated into “letting someone in”…


It was your familiar sprit if you look for it it would be one of those animals. That’s the first step of finding a familiar


Never thought about it, actually.
I’ll look into it more :white_heart:


Something that you need/have asked for is trying to manifest itself in your life. (Probably something you know you need, subconsciously.). You’ve probably been ignoring it (refusing to accept responsibility), and it’s been there all the time. When it happens you’ll see it as an unwanted responsibility, relax and let it take its true form and it will quickly become a welcomed part of your existence -even if it momentarily has teeth and claws, it will curl up in your proverbial lap and be a source of strength and comfort.


I have kind of a tricky relationship with dreams these days, but over the years of being fascinated by dream magick, I’ve come to believe that these waking feelings- the intermingling of your deeper conscious with your conscious mind in the moments of waking up- are the best clues as to interpreting the dream.

If you woke up alarmed and feeling that the creature in the dream was not there with your best interests in mind, then I personally would follow that. Now, that’s not to say the creature was evil or wished you harm- it may have been a curious spirit looking around or perhaps a sign of the Fae. Alternatively, it may have been something symbolic- representing an idea, person, or situation that is pushy and trying to get your attention, no matter what shape they have to take to catch your interest.

Still, we don’t have to open our doors (be they physical, mental, or spiritual) to anyone we’re not comfortable with. Whether an actual entity or a symbolic representation, you may want to take some time for some protective work (especially around your home/living area) and do some reflection about opportunities on your “doorstep”- some possibilities may not be in your best interest right now.

Just some thoughts on the table! Wishing you all the best, @EvaCVM :heart:


@BryWisteria , @Bluechapel thank you so much :pray:t2:

I appreciate your support and help with this little issue. :sparkles:


I think I have to agree with that. Unless there were other signs that could change the subject of your worry.

I’ve had a dream where I thought one subject was trying to harm me, but in hindsight, there were other things in the dream that it was trying to protect me from. So, although I woke up feeling scared to death, the source of my fear turned out to be something different than originally thought.

Not saying that will be the case with you, of course. Just that your feelings are going to be the most accurate, one way or another. :black_heart:


It’s my pleasure, Eva! Blessed be :hugs: :heart:


I feel this is a very good point… I could also see the transformation thing as a trauma (fawn) response, as “if you don’t like me as a cat, I can be anything you want, just please don’t abandon me”.

I see a theme of testing your boundaries there… both from the cat-creature and your mother, trying to give you responsibility that you just weren’t comfortable with. And you stood up for your wants and needs every time.