I just did a thing (Movie Tarot Deck)

Was browsing FB one day and came across an ad for a new tarot deck that I fell in love with.

I am a movie geek and have a undying love of all things Bowie (as well as Dr. Who) so I preordered 2 decks for myself and my hubby. Cannot wait to get them.


OMG! That’s just too cool! Thanks for sharing the link!


We are clearly on the same page as I have these saved in my must buy list :black_heart::raised_hands:t2: I love this movie


You are very welcome @Amethyst . I figured there were some here that would enjoy these as much as I am going to when I get them. Pre-ordering sucks but the delayed gratification is well worth the wait.


Yes we are on the exact same page. I remember clearly when I went to the movie theater to see this when it came out. Oh the memories. Even went to his Glass Spider tour concert at Dodger’s Stadium with front row seats !!! The memories :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I actually cried when he passed away~that’s one of my life’s biggest regrets is not seeing him in concert :tired_face:


What a fun find, @Magdelina! :star_struck: The Labyrinth and Tarot- two very difficult things that actually combine really well. The deck looks gorgeous and is sure to be to read with. Please let us know what you think of the cards when they arrive! :flower_playing_cards: :blush:


My Labyrinth tarot will be here on Oct 25th. It’s sitting in Denver so maybe it will get here early. We had a ton of snow the last few days but today was over 50F and it’s all melted away.

Sorry I haven’t been on in a long while. We had some difficult times with our tenancy and some people who are not in charge wanting to enter our home to “inspect” it without giving notice, and we believe one of them had already broken in back in July. Been very stressful. But, I did get a new car this week so I am mobile again and of course excited about my new deck coming.

Blessed Be!!! and I am so glad to be back :relaxed: :heart_eyes: :full_moon:


Welcome back @Magdelina- you were missed! :heart:

Sorry to hear about the tenancy troubles, but that’s great news about the new car and deck on the way! I hope the Labyrinth tarot is everything you wanted and more. Please share pics when it arrives :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Sorry so late in responding :confused: Business is booming and I am so busy with everything right now which is a good thing. Just taking a break for a moment.

Here is a picture of my Labyrinth deck. I have not used it yet. Almost afraid to :open_mouth:

Cards :heart_eyes: feel really nice in my hands.

Blessed be all. :rose:


Wow. Glad things are going well for you @Magdelina! This is a beautiful deck with such wonderful art. Thanks for sharing!



This is a very nice deck. Thanks for sharing.


Glad to hear your business is booming, @Magdelina! And wow- the cards are gorgeous, they were well worth the wait! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please let me know what you think of it in readings- I can’t wait to hear how the Labyrinth deck works for you! :star_struck: :flower_playing_cards: