I’m confused and need some help

So I am Christian but not very religious but witchcraft has became very interesting to me and here I am now practicing it , is this considered a sin for me ? Do anyone knows


“Considered a sin” – by who?

Strict interpretations of Christianity do consider witchcraft a sin. Exodus 22:18 says “Thou shall not suffer a witch to live.” The idea here is that witchcraft was seen as an attempt to steal power from the Christian God, and was similar to idolatry.

Where I read this

There are other interpretations, of course.

Personally, I think there is a huge difference between God (Christian) and the Church. The Church and many of the things that it dictates are biased by humans and the cultural beliefs of the time. Perhaps if their belief system had included an equal place for the Divine Feminine there might not be any need for witches.

Though I am not a practicing Christian, I do not see my practice of witchcraft or spirituality or whatever you choose to call it as a denial of the Christian God. I believe in a creator, and focus primarily on the Divine Feminine in addition to rather than in place of that belief.

Christian witches do exist. Here is one link. Search “Christian witches” for more.

In the end, you must decide for yourself. I hope this was at least a little helpful.


Thank you so much


I’m not Christian though I know we do have some practicing Christian Witches in the coven.

Christian witches are everywhere, though they tend to be more quiet since they get a lot of hate from both sides (Christians and other witches). I actually interviewed two Christian witches for my podcast last year. You might like to hear their perspectives! I’ll link it here for you.

YouTube → Christian Witchcraft || Christian Witch’s Perspective || Interviewing Asacia and Kat - YouTube

Podcast → Episode 98: A Christian Witch’s Perspective || Interviewing Asacia and Kat by 'Round the Cauldron


@Undomeher very well said :clap:


@MeganB those were very interesting episodes! Thanks for doing those!


As Easter approaches, I can understand this feelng because it is the most holy time of the year for Christians. I consider myself to be a deeply spiritual person but nothing about my personal brand of faith – which is a blend of some but not all Christian beliefs – is incompatible with witchcraft, as I practice it. I basically celebrate the holidays and pray but I also celebrate the sabbats and cast spells. If I feel more pagan some days, well, I don’t have a problem with my own inconsistency :slight_smile: I feel my practice brings me closer to God, it feels joyful and light, and I do not feel it is sinful at all. :innocent: But everybody has to search their own heart about that. If it was wrong for me, I think I would feel it.

There are some churches that might offer the kind of blend some of us might like and maybe you’d like to check out some of these faith communities.

  1. The Metaphysical or Spiritualist churches and chapels believe in God and an after life, and the services or meetings can include tarot readings, pendulum readings and meditation… Congregations include mediums, psychics, intuitives, people interested in spirit guides, etc. Jesus is typically seen as an ascended Master rather than a deity.

  2. Unitarians reject the idea of sin and hell, believe in one God and do not consider Jesus to be the Son of God. The churches celebrate a variety of observances, including the Winter Solstice, Day of the Dead, Christmas, Passover, etc. The congregations typically include some Wiccans; Wicca is often studied/welcomed.

  3. Episcopalians tend to be more liberal as far as Christians go; it is not fundamentalist. You would not be burned at the stake :slight_smile: for walking in there but on the other hand, if you declared yourself a witch, I don’t know how well it would go, I worked for the Episcopal Church for a while and I said things that raised eyebrows, sometimes. However, you will find Solstice celebrations, labyrinths and other semi-metaphysical works in some of the more liberal Episcopalian churches.


I believe it mainly comes down to you. I mean witchcraft can be practiced by any religion really, its just a matter of making your craft and beliefs work together.


In fact, right now I am trying to come up with ideas for magical Easter/Ostara eggs :slight_smile: Putting sigils on them? Enchanting them? Offering them? LOL


This is awesome! I didn’t know there was so wide a spectrum. Thanks for this!


Activate the sigil by cracking the egg? That’s a cool idea!


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