I need guidance

I paid a woman to do a reading and she said that I was in danger. That I have hexes and curses cast on me. I’m new to spell casting. Is there anyone that can help me?


Who was this woman? Is it someone you know? Did you feel you can trust her judgment? Did you get the reading BECAUSE something felt off?

There are so many people out there doing readings & I’ve noticed a vast number of them seem to find a curse or hex quite often. I would go by what you’re feeling and experiencing in life, rather than just by the words. Ya know?


I know what you’re saying. Yes, I have felt like things have been off. I feel like my relationship was manipulated. Because my partner completely changed suddenly. I didn’t tell her that though.


Maybe do a protection or return to sender spell? You could smudge your house and put salt around the windows and doors. Maybe make some witches bells to hang. Take an energy cleansing/peace ritual bath/shower. It would clear your energy and bring in good energy for you.

If something feels off to you in general, those are a few things that you could try. Or go through the spells collection and see if anything feels right there for you to try


Besides what Krissie mentioned above, and the great advice Haley gave, I’d recommend doing one of the cleanses mentioned in this topic.

The egg cleanse is a good method that will also help you confirm (reading the egg yolk) if you have anything negative in or around you.

Best of luck, Amy! :pray:


I don’t know @amy10@Francisco would an uncrossing spell help her? She can do that herself… that one is pretty easy and straight forward.


Yes, that’s a good idea.

However, I agree with Haley that you should always double check on whether you trust someone’s reading to be accurate.

I would do an egg cleanse which Amy can easily do at home by herself. It both cleanses and tells you what was removed.


Thank you @Francisco. I will make notes in my BOS


Ignore what this person said because they sound like a charlatan. These people take advantage of the vulnerable by reading for you and then saying that you have a curse or hex and that you need to pay extra for them to remove it.


I can imagine it was pretty scary to be told you have had dangerous hexes and curses cast on you, @amy10! Sorry you had such a rough reading experience.

If the lady offered to get rid of these “hexes” for extra money- that’s a HUGE red flag that she’s just in it for the coin. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who try to manipulate others with fear in order to make money :cry:

But since you’ve felt something was off- I definitely recommend trying the cleansing and protecting spells that people here have shared. Get rid of the bad energy and invite positivity and protection back into your life. Stay well and blessed be! :sparkling_heart: