I speak to the Air and mother Goddess

I speak to the Air and Mother Goddess,

Element of Air you are enraged and I understand why,

They have poisoned you with smoke and chemical fumes.

The ozone has thinned, the air warms & ice melts.

Although it is the circle of life, it is still felt.

Let your zephers blow away strife.

Calm your storms and let there be peace

So with the Mothers help our covenant we’ll keep.

And it harm none and no more tears to weep

As I have spoken, so let it be.

I speak to Fire and Mother Goddess,

Magnificent flame you destroy forest and fields

But you allow renewal as the land heals.

And with each fire, you cleanse and purify.

Great flame of the World I ask you

To help heal the land that you do guard.

Calm your volcanoes and the internal fires.

With you, the circle of life will continue.

And it harm none, so mote it be!


So mote it be :pray:


So mote it be!
Strigăm elementele și le mulțumim.

We cry out to the elements, and we give thanks to them.


Thank you and thank Bing translator.
“We shout the elements and thank them!”


Beautifully written, @Garnet- what a delight to read more of your gorgeous chants! Thanks for sharing, and adding in my voice:

So mote it be :pray::heart: