"I spent a day with REAL WITCHES" Youtube Video

I love Anthony Padilla’s videos of how he is so open minded and found this video interesting & funny.


Great video! My favorite part:

— So you’ve made a wish and you’ve blown that candle…
— YES!
— That’s Witchcraft!
— That’s Witchcraft?
[ Accidentally practiced witchcraft for 32 years ]

Also the part when they say being a Witch is not something that you’re born or you decide… it’s a calling!

It’s hard to ignore the calling, no matter where you were born or who your parents are, you just know it!


Love this! @marissa too bad more people won’t watch this with an open mind. The church says witches and majick does not exist, but tell you to stay away from them and killed them. Ha ha they know! So many coming to witchcraft…people are catching on to what it really is.


Absolutely loved this video. Almost fell off my chair with the I go into the woods and find a cow…


This was really fun to watch :laughing: although the cow tongue thing did creep me out…


I really enjoyed this video a lot. It touched my heart to learn that everyone of these witches that were interviewed were normal, down to earth people just like me. I was amazed at each ones different personalities. I hope more people will watch this video and get educated that witches are not bad people. They are everyday people that work, cook, walk the dog, ect.