I think I may have figured out which sort of coven I'd like to join in my country

Hello, I don’t own the video link below it’s the property of the video uploader in the description and warning, most of the dialogue is in Tagalog - English. If anyone has questions about what the Babaylan in the video is saying, I’ll do my best to translate his words from Tagalog to English sentence so that he can be understood by anyone interested;

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I wish you well with the coven!!


Thank you for sharing this :slight_smile: I didn’t understand most of what he said, but I feel like there was enough English and that Tagalog has enough Spanish words for me to be able to get the general gist of it :smiley: I watched the whole thing because I’ve always thought Tagalog was a beautiful language :heart:

I want to see if I’m right about what I picked up from it – I’m curious to see if I’m right or if I’m way off :nerd_face: My understanding of it was that he had some sort of visit from a spirit in his room one night, and then it turns out that some family members on his dad’s side were spiritual healers? Which made him realize that he was meant to be a healer too. (And then I didn’t understand much after that :sweat_smile:) How far off am I? :see_no_evil:


Hello, you were close to what he was saying @wade ,

This Babaylan comes from a family lineage of healers, majority of the elders in his side are healers too or practitioners via being a green witch or through the use of Oriental medicine in the line of massaging others. His sibling back in his early childhood years was, usually possessed by different spirit/s, his mother too had also been possessed in the past due to offending another spirit unintentionally, by then though he learned enough and had given an apologetic sacrifice to the spirit, it was mostly intuition in his part though, the offering he gave. He and his mother also dreamed once before his father’s death that a family member will die, which also happen later on. He also gave out an advice that to those who only want to be Babaylans for cool effect shouldn’t join at all because this practice is done with dedication and passion, it’s done seriously and reminded that most of the Babaylans in the past were those who nearly or have gone crazy/mad by everyone else but it’s because of this madness that the Babaylans are able to use magick to cure, heal or mend other. He also gave an example of irresponsible spell casting and the Threefold Rule effect that happens to the caster as evidenced by his experience when he did that too in his younger years

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Thank you @christina4 , they’re not accepting new members yet due to CoVid19 though, hopefully it ends soon this pandemic,

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Learning about Babylans is always so interesting that I end up reading all the Wikipedia entries I can find about it. Now I was reading about the healing massage they use (I think it was mentioned in the video, Margaret) called Hilot.

I know that Wikipedia isn’t always the best resource but there’s so little information online that I hope you can keep studying and sharing with us @anne2!! Thank you for sharing!


I definitely would study the entire thing of Babaylans @Francisco , if I go to the mountains or provinces, they really know how to hide there if needed. I think the Spaniards cause them to be fearful and wary of others which is why their hidden except to selected people only

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