"I tried a $10,000 crystal healing bed..." YouTube Video 📺

Id like to know your thoughts on this video… I have a few mixed views/feelings after watching it :thinking:

:tv: “I tried a $10,000 crystal healing bed. Here’s what I learned.” :tv:


I tried a crystal mat healing (similar idea) at a metaphysical expo I went to a few years ago. It lit up and was warm, I paid $15 (I think) to lay there for 10 minutes with my eyes closed. I didn’t really get much from it. I’ll always try new things though!


Overall I enjoyed the video. Thank you for sharing. :grinning: I do see a danger with metaphysical ideas being taken to extremes or used to fleece people. It happens in every religion and it can be seen in witchcraft, too.

I’ve seen grandparents buying crystals, dream catchers, and incense all in one go trying to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. I feel sorry for them and upset at the people that sell them the products like the items themselves have all of the power. Without intent, without belief, without the knowledge that the true power is in us and through us, none of this works.

I am curious about your thoughts, @Missa.


I can’t help but feel she went into the whole thing pessimistically. She even admitted her study wasn’t comprehensive. Still, all in all it was a good video. I do believe that crystals work under the correct circumstances though.


You could lay in middle of the biggest crystal hole filled with billions of dollars worth of crystals and not feel a thing (idk how you wouldn’t :laughing:)…it’s all in your mindset and intent. You can’t just own a rose quartz and say now I’m filled with love 24/7. As for that crystal bed…I would like to try that bad boy out though!! :joy::joy:


I didn’t know I had this many thoughts…

Comments as I watch…

:gem: What in the hell – $10,000 crystal bed?

:gem: I have heard about the ley lines, but I don’t know much about them. Sky Life did an episode where she explored the ley lines in Sedona.

:gem: Natural objects can be spiritual or sacred, yes – animism.

:gem: Didn’t know ancient Egyptians used crystals, too.

:gem: Science hasn’t proven the use of crystals – but have they truly been studied in an objective manner to gain enough information to completely write them off?

:gem: I don’t think that crystals are all psychology, but I’m an animist and know that each stone has the potential to hold a spirit.

:gem: Crystals used as a “trigger tool” point to psychology, not animism or spiritual energies within the crystsals.

:gem: Okay, so she brings up the placebo effect which bugs me when we talk about magic and spirituality. When we talk about the placebo effect, what we’re referring to is the anticipation of a positive effect. But in order for a placebo to actually be a placebo, you don’t know that what you have is not the real thing. So for example in medicine, you have two groups – the control group that gets the placebo and the experimental group that gets the drug. No one knows which one they got, so the placebo effect can be accurately judged because in order for a placebo to be a placebo, it has to present itself as an unknown. I hope that makes sense…

The “gold standard” for testing interventions in people is the “randomized, placebo-controlled” clinical trial, in which volunteers are randomly assigned to a test group receiving the experimental intervention or a control group receiving a placebo (an inactive substance that looks like the drug or treatment being tested). Comparing results from the two groups suggests whether changes in the test group result from the treatment or occur by chance. https://www.nccih.nih.gov/health/placebo-effect

If we’re talking about crystals and magic as placebos, I don’t think that’s accurate because you actively know what you’re doing. It’s not like you’re sitting down with your crystals and saying, “oh man, I hope this is a real crystal and will help me.” Anyway, placebo effect in magic is a rant for another day…

:gem: No research because science doesn’t care to research metaphysical, new age, or witchcraft beliefs.

:gem: Also, why tf is the bed so expensive?

:gem: Crystal healing is problematic to believe? Excuse me? Wow, this man needs to…sit tf down. Just because you have magical thinking does not mean that you have zero critical thinking skills. He is generalizing everyone who uses crystals for anything. Now, I know there are people out there who have problematic behaviors and thoughts on crystals. I’m talking about the people who completely dismiss science and say that you don’t need modern medicine and crystals will heal your cancer. They’re problematic and dangerous. But honestly, any witch worth their salt will tell you that a healthy dose of skepticism is an amazing thing and that we should all be using our critical thinking skills.

:gem: “It’s a supplement, but it should never replace medical care.” ABSOLUTELY!

:gem: The appeal to nature fallacy is so hugely prevalent in many new age and witchcraft communities and I appreciate that she added this in here. We are conditioned to believe that just because something is natural that it is better for us. What people don’t realize is that natural things can kill you, too! Just look at apricot kernels. They come from fruit, right? But they have a chemical in them that your body will metabolize into cyanide…and you die. People claim that apricot kernels will cure your cancer, but it literally says on the bag of these not to consume for than three or so a day because THEY ARE POISONOUS!

:gem: The man who said we have no critical thinking skills says it is also important to listen to those crystal users? But then says they should be honest about the science? And then not shame people who are interested in it? He is all over the place.

:gem: I agree when she says there is a danger in magical thinking and I see this all the time with new witches. Once they open that door in their mind to witchcraft and magic, suddenly everything becomes about witchcraft and magic. The candle flickered when the walked in the room and instead of thinking about the displaced air from their movement, they think a spirit is trying to communicate with them. This is why we always talk about critical thinking, discernment, and healthy skepticism.

:gem: I disagree with her saying that a crystal will tell you what you truly want to hear. I can tell you from experience that my amethyst chunk and my red jasper will tell me two completley different things because the spirit in those stones are different beings that do two completely different things.

Final thoughts – I think she was open to the experiment itself but not the bliefs, and I don’t mind that she did the experiment. I do appreciate that she did the survey and made sure to note that this wasn’t peer reviewed, it isn’t an accurate study, and it shouldn’t be taken at face value. I don’t like that she brushed off the beliefs of those who use crystals and pseudoscience. Like…we know we have no scientific evidence for crystals but just because there’s no evidence doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. If you have no evidence at a crime scene, does that mean the crime didn’t happen? No. I don’t think science can accurately gauge or discover the differences in the crystals and their spirits. And I don’t think science needs to discover it. Some things are better left unknown. We don’t need to know everything as a people and some people aren’t okay with that.

Also, how f*ing patronizing of her at the end to be like oh, I lost my voice talking about crystals. Let me just put some crystals on my throat…

I agree, @Missa – I have mixed feelings about this video. I do think that people who charge an exorbitant amount of money for things like this are just preying on the naive and desparate, and that’s not okay.


Crystals have energy. We have energy. When we use crystals, they combine with our own energy. I forget the damn name of that. But anyway. Everyone will have their own opinion. But I do know one things for damn sure, crystals helped me enormously!!! And I will always adore their beauty. Mama Earth is abundant with her blessings and I am ever grateful!!


Like so many others have mentioned- I agree that a huge aspect of working with crystals is your mindset. And right off the bat I can tell you that if I spent $10,000 on a crystal bed my mind would be the farthest thing from relaxed and open to healing- I would be having some serious financial worries :sweat_smile:

All in all, I think it’s an interesting video but it shouldn’t be a stand-alone when considering whether to use crystals.

Thanks for sharing @Missa and everyone who commented- it is always fascinating to hear everyone’s thoughts! :blush::heart:


I have a problem with her saying people who use crystals reject science and medicine. I’m a nurse, use a mask and had my first Covid vaccine. The problem is scientists who can’t accept anything that they can’t prove but we can’t say that all scientists fall into that category.


Yes, all crystal users and people who believe in magick are anti-science. :roll_eyes:
plus how could she have taken in the energies of the crystals on the bed she does not believe in them so they will not work.


Exactly! She didn’t take the time to try to learn anything so it was a total waste of her time. It was interesting to learn about that bed though!