I wanna buy a Barbie for the first time in forty years

A Christian influencer warned that ‘Yoga Barbie’ doll spreads satanism and could lead to children being ‘possessed by demons’

Sigh. People are so silly sometimes. I truly wonder how some people remember to breathe and walk at the same time. This looks like a great tool to help teach kids how to deal with emotions, why do they say it’s evil? Sheesh. Just because it’s based in Hinduism, which has nothing to do with Satan in the first place? Gads.


I know exactly what you mean. I find this to be a little over board too. Sometimes I do believe that humans on a whole always know when to stir up matters to cause problems at times, smh


@Amethyst , sometimes the R.F.'s can go beyond ridiculous. They are also banning books like Harry Potter, which is children’s fantasy. But by gosh they think Dante’s Inferno is acceptable reading. Now THAT is some sick :poop:.

These same people used to come to my door & asked if they could ‘Pray with me’. I found it intrusive and at times offensive.

I put up a No soliciting sign, ’ which they ignored and other than turning them into moles I didn’t know how to stop them.

When they showed up at my door again and asked me to “Pray with them.” I again said ‘No thanks, I’m fine.’

They actually objected, kindly but still, Had they no sense of propriety?
I kept my cool and I said that I was Pagan. As they looked at each other and mouthed “Pagan?” I quietly closed the door & snickered.
They never returned. I guess they must have thought I was a devil woman, Mw, ah ha ha ha!

Sometimes life is just too good!

I know, it was rude, but delicious.
Goddess forgive me, but it was worth it.

Blessings and love


I can agree. Ive had a church trying to tell me psychology was crap and not of God and it was a worlds point of view etc. And there are christian pschologists ( ironically the pastor of that church was married to a clinical psychologist, so how thats supposed to work i dobt know) but i wonder if attitudes like that such as with a childs barbie doll which was a yoga barbie being apparently evil and from satan and what would lead to children getting possessed… it sounds like an extrimist view in order to control others rather than it being about protecting ppl ( even if they tell themselves thats what its about). When ppl start getting silly like that about things that isnt evil, ive belong to a church as a kid that said ppl in ministry couldnt even own a tv because it was evil and of satan but its not about tge tv its about what you choose to watch that has an impact for positive or negative ( and of course the pastor went to his parwnts place after church to watch tv ). … when it gets to that point when ppl are claiming something in itself tgats not evil is evil and of satan that raises red flags esp in some churches where control n rules are used against the ppl to maintain power and influence rather than actually being about protection of them. . There are some that take control too far. And that a yoga barbie doll being from satan its a childs toy ( and encourages physical exercise and self regulation- yoga aspect, creative play, role play, self expression and exploration- the toy doll aspect) for crying out loud… thats taking it too far saying its from the devil or satan ans would cause children to get possessed. . . :woman_facepalming:yes i just want to face palm on hearing that ppl are like that.


When I read stories about this, it makes me glad that the Catholic Church I grew up with was reasonable and never taught that Barbie, Harry Potter, or Pokemon was sinful.

On a side note, no Jehovah’s Witnesses have visited me or anyone in my family for two years.
I would’ve loved to have seen the looks on their faces when you told them you were a pagan. :laughing: @Garnet


Sometimes I can’t help but feel sad for the people who act and feel this way. It’s very sad to me to think that people like this would discourage their children from playing with a toy that teaches things like meditation and breathing exercises. Those types of skills are foundational for social and emotional learning and I honestly wish it was something that I was taught as a kid.

The cynical side of me wonders if this is nothing more than click bait for a cash grab. This is something that would create engagement and outrage and uproar, as it already has, and just sends the people that think like her to her social media to buy her books and her other products that she has on her website. It’s all very sad.


This is sooo typical of so called christians! I just read somewhere that most christians can’t even answer basic questions about their religion, so what do they know??
I apologize to our Christian Witches because I don’t think they go in this category, they are educated about paganism.
It seems they are trying to make this country one religion and they have picked the one for the entire country! Even though this country was founded because people wanted freedom to choose how they worship.
I really have a problem with christianity influencing our politics and the lives of non christians.
Honestly, this really gets me all riled up because most christians are too scared to even find out the truths of other religions let alone their own!
I’m going to buy me a new Barbie!!! Yoga Barbie :heart: maybe 3 Yoga Barbies!!!
Bless Be All
Sorry for the rant.


But hey, Mattel probably doesn’t mind. They are getting all this free advertising! LOL!

The last one that showed up at my door I fussed at because Jesus is not something you can sell like door-to-door brushes or Avon or something. And then I slammed the door! LOL! But I wish I had your bravery!

Tell me about it. We’ve got what Sally and I call the Holy Rollers around here and they’re fricken scary! More like a cult than a religion. And the thought of a doll can possess children is just absurd.

Is it just me, or is the Religious Right getting more and more … weird about things lately?

Probably. But I figure it’s also spreading the word about that Barbie and a lot of people will want to buy it now so even stevens I guess.

Rant away, my dear! I agree with you, Christain Witches seem more open-minded about things. But here in the USA, the religious right has been getting weird over the last ten years or so. I don’t know what started it, it was happening BT but it’s been picking up steam.

I just can’t help but think it’s funny though that some people are having fits over a Barbie doll of all things. Sheesh.


Ooh Yoga Barbie! I want one, too.

There were always be people on the fringes who profess one thing or another but in no way represent the majority view. I know tons of Christians who meditate, do yoga and use crystals and of course, a few are witches, like myself. I was just musing in the car today about Jesus and thinking that if he were here today, I bet he’d be super into Yoga. And now this :slight_smile: Yoga and meditation are so common in schools now. But it’s sweet to think it may become even more commonplace among children; I use it with the children I care for during the summers and they love it (as well as crystals and meditation and other forms of mindfulness).


Me too! I think mindfulness and meditation should be taught in school. Just my opinion. In other countries, its part if their education. Theres not so much anxiety or hostility that we have in the states.

Meditation and coping mechanisms were taught to me by a mental health facility that i go to. Eventually i would have learned it but way after all the years of anxiety and depression i had to endure.


Omg you are my role model! I would have paid to be there and good on you! Now i know where my next borrowed line is coming from… We don’t get the door-to-door religious stuff rather than in the mail in my husband’s native language Farsi! We know its our Syrian Christian neighbours but we still respect the mail by reading and respectfully discarding it (sometimes it has quotes and other religious material). There has been the occasional pushy ones that try to sign us up for something but that’s about it.
Garnet you should get a door mat that say “the witch is in”.
Sometimes its just more fun to taunt when others are judgemental or pushyevil laugh. I however have only gotten the “oh okay so you believe in that stuff” expression from people nothing more… usually ends with them saying “fair enough” when i explain why… :blush:


My religion (Islam) condemns witches and witchcraft all together and say who ever is one or practices witch craft is going to hell… Yer so setting good intentions, meditating and seeking advice for the future is a sin and those murders and other criminals on the streets spreading controlling and guilt trip content isn’t a sin… Its the same for any religion i think you get the few religious extremists in there that just want to control everyone… I believe that so as long as “no harm” is done to others then who is to say what is wrong and what is right… :blush:


I figure it’s like any other group, one loud mouth giving the rest a bad name.


@christina4 my daughter gets taught about mindfulness at school now in PSHE classes :heart: A small step but a good one. They still have work to do with regards to mental health but apparently they go into more detail aged 9/10.


Sadly it’s a “cut and paste” from decades old rhetoric based in fear, in my opinion. As a child I was told so many things were “of the devil” or satanic with no real base or research. It’s awful that it’s still around, and that people give it weight. :-/


No, it’s not just you! And I’m in Texas unfortunately. Every day I wake up to see what right I’ve lost now because some religion says XYZ. I joined TST strictly to protect my bodily autonomy, which is sad that I even have to do that.

Yes, I have several Christian friends that go out of their way to celebrate my holidays with me! They ask questions and want to learn more so that they can be more open minded and understanding of the world around them. Do I expect them to convert? No, I’m not even trying to. If only more people would try to understand their neighbor, the world would be a better place.


One of the most important things about Barbie is that she can represent any occupation. You can make or buy clothes and create who ever you would like to create, represent or flatter. Even yourself. Often people project their own feelings/preferences/desires. Seems to me this person longs for a possessed Barbie. Maybe they had one taken away or were denied early in life. Little sad really.
I have to say this is the first time i have ever know anyone to speak negative of Barbie. Unless cutting all her hair off is negative :hear_no_evil: .
I was strange. Lololol
Peace luv


Good ol’ fashioned Satanic Panic. Persecuting people from the Dark Ages.

Poor you, you’re in the Red Zone. Goodness me oh my. TST? Haven’t heard of that.

I’m so glad you’ve got good friends that support you! That must help a lot!


For some reason all my Barbies were nekkid. I have no idea what I did with their clothes! LOL!


Right smack in the middle of the Red. :sob: :scream:

It’s The Satanic Temple. They are a legally recognized religion with a huge team of lawyers. One of their ten tenners it’s body autonomy therefore these anti-women laws (because let’s be real, that’s what they are. We don’t see that put any restrictions on what men can do with their bodies) are our freedom of religion. They don’t care if you practice or not. And it’s free to join. You can spend, I think it was $35 to gets membership card and certificate to carry with you.