I want to try astral projection for the first time---Any tips?

I only wanna astral project to learn more. More about everything tbh. Where should I start? How long should I do it for? Would a guided meditation be ideal? And how often should I practice this? And I also remember there being safety tips. But do you know any really major important ones?


Greetings @jada1! :blush:

Astral projection is very exciting- good for you for jumping into it! :raised_hands: I know there are quite a few others who have experimented and practiced astral projection before. Their stories and experiences have a lot of tips and tricks, so I recommend checking out the following discussions:

Guided meditations are a great way to ease into any new aspect of magick- following along with a guide can help to keep you safe and on track during your first few meditations :+1:

And as for safety- the most important thing that comes to mind is making sure that your physical body is in a safe and secure space while you astral travel :woman_in_lotus_position:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


°Keep a dream journal
°Set an alarm for like 6 hours into your sleep so you can use the restroom and it deals with the rem sleep.
°write down and say aloud that you will do so tonight.
°listen to astral projection music.
°i recommend Theta Realms

Hope all this will work out. But keep in mind others are fast at doing this and others aren’t. It took me years. But the channel I shared helped me actually do it finally!!!


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