My 1st Astral Travel Podcast

Here’s a podcast I was invited to by my good friend Misty I met on my journey.
It’s from 6/2016.
It was my 1st time EVER discussing my experiences with O.B.E.
I’ve learned so much more since this podcast.
Enjoy. Please comment any thoughts, questions or insights you may have.
Thank you! & Good tidings!


I loved the part of sleep paralysis! I also know it as the “witch riding your back”. Luckily, I only experienced a couple times and that was it…

It’s funny that you guys mentioned Robert Monroe because today I just found this:

For those curious, it’s about the Gatewey Project (CIA docs here) and the Monroe Institute:

A reporter for The Hook, weekly newspaper for Charlottesville, Virginia, who visited The Monroe Institute said, “…with a few exceptions, the only ‘normal’ people with whom I could fully identify were the trainers, who seemed remarkably well-grounded for people whose day-to-day experiences include astral projection and disembodied spirits”

Congratulations on your first astral travel podcast! It’s awesome that you’re trying to build a community of astral travelers and it’s really interesting that this happens to you spontaneously and on a regular basis.

I also enjoyed what you mentioned about grounding crystals and techniques. Please feel free to write a topic with any tips that you feel are important to share!


I have books on astral travel and obe on my sight all so interesting, I also have death and dying.