I would Like you to Meet My Family

Hilda, Agnes, Greta, Clara and Dizzell and oh I have a hubby named Hey You, 4 rescue animals-Pit Bull/Boxer Mix named Gracie, a Min Pin Mix named Mollie, a Tortoise Cat named Drucilla and a 1/2 feral 1/2 3 legged little Bobcat Names Tripoli-I bottle fed him when we found him, he is missing a hind leg and is now grown into a very spoiled guy with an awesome personality.


Did you make these?!! They are beautiful!! :clap: :clap:

I love the level of detail and the expressions on their faces are great! :joy:

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No I didn’t make them, been having fun on Ebay…LOL

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Love this! So much stuff to find on Ebay and Etsy…good grief I need more money LOL!!!

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