If You Avoid The Conflict

There’s a lot to be said for keeping the peace. No doubt it makes life run a lot smoother, and it undeniably reduces conflict. It’s sometimes better to “suck it up, buttercup” and go with the flow…

HOWEVER, conscious compromise does have value, but habitually overriding your true needs and desires all the time eventually leads to resentment.

Resentment is an emotional toxin.:face_vomiting:

Compromise is a valuable life skill, but getting better at vocalizing exactly what it is that you need is a much needed skill as well. It’s invaluable! This skill will also help you when you do manifestation spellwork.

You will be amazed at how often you get what you desire when you can effectively communicate.


Cheers to this! Learning to speak up and fight for yourself is skill that should be taught in school, but unfortauntely it seems to be the opposite :cry: . It seems to be encouraged for people (especially women) to supress their desires and always give in, in order to “keep the peace”. Plus for those of us dealing with anxiety- vocalizing your needs can become quite a challenge!

This is a great reminder and boost of motivation- your wants and needs matter! I 100% agree- learning to put your desires and intent into actual words is a vital skill for everyday life and working magick alike :sparkles:

Thanks so much for sharing, @SilverBear! :raised_hands:

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This is really great advice @SilverBear. I tend to fall in the trap of eating up the resentment and even worse, “acting” it out instead of talking.