Im alive everyone!

So as some who are on discord know i had my first severe asma attack since i was a child. I ended up scaring everyone, my mom, nana and papa , even my workers. I guess since I haven’t had a full on attack like what happened since i was very young like 7-8 years old. Mom told me she thought id grown out of it as some children do. But it seems my body only surpressed it and seemed to act up while my body was in distress from my alergies to grass and pollen. But everything is okay now im using a spare puffer of my worker until we can get me one of my own. Shes not going to tolerate the doctors saying my asma is not bad enough to need one. Hello spent 12 hours basically hyperventilating i think that requires a puffer.


Glad you are feeling better!


Oh wow I am glad u r ok. yes that can happen it happened to me, obviously mine was not as bad but it can seem it ‘disappeared’ but only to be hidden and appear later on… Take care and make sure to keep ur puffer with u :relaxed:


Oh goodness, that sounds scary- I am so glad you are okay, @Nikita-mikaelson! :heart: I pray the doctor will give you any medicine or equipment you need to stay safe. Be well and blessed be! :sparkles:


Oh goodness! That sounds bad! So glad you’ve got a puffer and hopefully, you’ll get one of your own.


Oh my goodness, Nikita! I’m glad you’re okay! :heart: :people_hugging: I had asthma as a kid and can remember very vividly having a few asthma attacks. It is definitely :no_entry_sign: no good! I hope the doctors can get you squared away with your own inhaler. :sparkles: :pray:


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