I'm collecting questions!

I asked everywhere else but totally forgot to ask here! My next podcast episode is going to be a sort of Q&A on being a mentally ill witch. I am someone with Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD, and anxiety, so things can be a bit different lol

So! If you have questions about witchcraft and mental health for me to answer in my next podcast episode, drop them here or send me a DM :blush:


I think that’s a great topic to explore in a podcast- I’m sure you’ll have lots of very helpful advice (you always do)! :heart:

I have anxiety, and while my practice often helps a lot, there are days where the anxiety does get in the way of not only my practice but just about everything :sweat_smile: I would love to hear any tips you have about reducing stress and soothing anxiety during the flare-ups :+1:

Also, out of curiosity- I wonder if there has been a study done to see how many in the Craft identify as having a mental illness (or more than one)? It seems to be something that many of us deal with, and I wonder if anyone has collected data on it yet!

Thanks, Megan- looking forward to hearing the podcast! :sparkles:


If you have axienty or panic attacks; how do you with them, or prefer to deal with them?


I also have some issues, looking forward to your podcast!


I also suffer from major depressive disorder (severe and recurrent). I also have panic attacks and constant generalized anxiety. I do not like large crowds of people; those drain my energy terribly and bring out a lot anger and impatience.

So I would love to see or hear your podcast! Any advice is gratefully appreciated!


I would love to listen to your podcast too. The more people talk about mental health the better. I suffer from PMDD, and have just come out of a long period of severe anxiety and depression for which it took a long fight to get proper treatment. Unfortunately I didn’t find the path until I had already started to heal but I can already see how helpful it will be to have the craft in my life should I go downhill again.
My question would be: what aspects of the craft do you think help the most to support your mental health and how do you incorporate them into your day?
I wish you all the best in dealing with your challenges.
Have a blessed day! :heart:


These are all great questions! I’ll be recording this episode probably on Monday and it will be out on February 28th!


Same. Well, one thing that is kind of an elephant in the room for me how upfront I want to be with my practice with my counselor. I feel like my practice is beneficial to my mental health (and it is not the only thing I do for my mental health) when I don’t get obsessive about it (and I get obsessive about a lot of things, so it’s not the craft’s fault :). But I feel if I share that this is a thing with me with a therapist, I will be perceived as not progressing in my recovery. But I feel kind of funny keeping it under wraps, too. So, I don’t share it. I made a passing reference to studying astrology in group once and I can’t remember what the group leader said but it was awkward. So, if you have insights about that to share in your podcast, I would love to hear them.


i have DiD and OCD, along with PTSD. so i fine myself spending to much time planning, getting to stressed and another takes over. lucky there is only 3 of us and we a full in tuned. i would love to hear how others deal with theirs too.


Megan, honey,
I really think everyone has to deal with depression, PTSD, anxiety, sorrow, fears & loss at some point in their lives. The difference when these problems become issues is that we have no innate defense system either born to or taught to us. Parents who are critical? If their child had defenses, whether by neglect or on purpose, those fragile walls were torn down year after year.
PTSD. Every generation has faced this disorder, by other names: WW1-Shell Shock. I had 2 great uncles ‘Gassed’ in the trenches of France, they were never ‘right’ again.
WW2-Battle Fatigue. My father had recurring nightmares of Okinawa and snippers shooting at them, for years after the end of war.
Survivors’ Syndrome describe the guilt felt when something traumatic happens and you feel guilty when you survived. Think of the Jews.
Survivor syndrome Read more: History of PTSD and Trauma Diagnoses - Shell shock to the DSM

The fact is that PTSD can be caused by any traumatic event in a persons life. Even today it is very evident, an auto accident, or a school shooting. There is no cure, but through therapy you can learn to rebuild your defenses.
Megan as if life isn’t traumatic enough, we, who have come out of the broom closet have to live on the fringes of society, like the unwashed, unclean. We have suffered from prejudice, slights, insults and worse because our belief’s, are to outside of the worlds view of religious norm, wrong and ugly.
I don’t know if there’s an answer, people of color are still dealing with social injustice after a thousand years of subjugation.
Society is trying (but not really hard) to improved their attitude. Things are greatly improved from the time when the right to vote was forbidden to blacks, the right to vote to women, Birth control was illegal. A woman didn’t even own her body, in 1960, my Mother had uterine cancer and Dad had to sign a legal document giving his permission to remove the malignancy from her body. HER body.
If he had not signed, she would have been allowed to die.
So I ask, how can we not be depressed, anxious or suffer PTSD with the pressures we face every day.
I send you love and strength.


Thank you @MeganB. I also have depression and anxiety issues. I hate taking medication but I am a mess without it. I am looking forward to your podcast!


I never got diagnosed with DID, but there are seven of us here. Each of us have our own particular tastes and interests. Other than that we share the same memories, skills and such and respect each other and our needs. Love each other no matter what. We wouldn’t have it any other way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Obligatory Harry Potter reference: no, we didn’t need to do anything horrible to break our soul into seven pieces! :sweat_smile: Experiencing horrible things, we think that’s more like it)

Each of us have our own, individual, unmistakable energies. That also means correspondences. There’s a lot of potential there we haven’t even explored yet. Summoning, visualization, etc. Always with love though, no one wants to be pushed away or anything like that. They have all the right and reason to be here.

It feels good not to be alone. All meanings intended. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh, the question: how does your mental health and your practice connect, and do you feel like it helps (or has helped) you to reclaim your power?


i Theo i guess you would say is the main me, i change my name at 9. year after i began learning from my gma. then there Frankie, she is not so sly and likes fight. then Juanita (who still me but a six year old me, but does came out much, mostly talks in my head)

never alone!!


Awww that’s so sweet, thank you for telling us about yourselves @Theo! Merry meet, y’all! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Celestia :white_heart: is our love and light, high vibration girl. Krista :yellow_heart: is me when I was a child, full of wonder, curiosity and appreciation for the beauty around us. Crystal :blue_heart: is the scientist who loves analyzing things. Chrissy :green_heart: has seen the dark side of life and finds comfort and beauty in the lower vibrations and grim aesthetic. Two more we’ve picked up from people who we love and miss, living people with outside bodies who might not want their names public. :orange_heart: :purple_heart: They’re brave souls who have given us a lot of authentic expression. And then there’s Lilith :black_heart:, yes, the Lilith, she’s always with us, giving us love and inspiration. Together we can be so much more than any of us alone :sparkling_heart:


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