Inconvenience with my Tarot deck

Hola a todos y todas :blush:

I’m getting used to read a Tarot card daily and bring it with me during the day to remind me constantly of its meaning and for some sort of protection. 2 days ago, I got “The Devil” in its upright position but I lost the card… I’m feel guilty and sad about it, I’m not sure if it’s okay to keep reading till I replace the card or stop reading and buy a brand new Tarot deck. Plus, one of my cats (Sakura) got lost today (again)… 2 things lost in less than a week… Does that mean something to you, guys?

Thanks for any advice :last_quarter_moon_with_face:

Edit: Sakura just showed up! :smiley:


@RyuWyn ~ Hi! I’m glad your cat came back! As for using your deck without the card, I don’t think there’s one right or wrong way. What matters is how you feel about it. If it feels off or incomplete to you, then maybe you will want to get another deck if you can. I have personally used decks have a missing card or two in the past. I figure if a card is meant for you, it will show up in another way. For instance, if you do the daily tarot draw on spells8 and it shows up, you know that you’re still working on that energy until you’ve transcended it. I believe there are signs everywhere. I have to remind myself often to not limit how messages come to me. For example, if I ask for a sloth as a sign and I’m expecting to see a sloth, I may let it pass right by me when someone mentions the word sloth since I didn’t actually see one. Remaining open to how signs reach me helps me a lot. Anyway, I’m rambling. Ha. I hope this makes sense to you. :grinning:


It did, thanks a lot for your wisdom, @BrightBear and blessed be :heartpulse:


Greetings @RyuWyn!

I’m so glad Sakura is home again safe- that’s one cat accounted for, now just one card to find! :wink: :heart::cat2:

I agree with @BrightBear- using the deck or not with a card missing is up to you. Personally, I cannot read from a Tarot deck that is missing cards, as it just feels off to me. But I do the same thing with normal cards or puzzles- if a piece is missing, I feel like it’s time to use it for something else. Just a personal quirk- everyone will have their own feelings about it! :+1:

Why not try a little magic to bring the card home? Here’s a recommendation for you!

Spell to Find Missing Things

Wishing you all the best, WhiteFox! I hope the card turns up again soon :blush:

Blessed be!


Oh! I didn’t know of that spell!

Thanks again, and blessed be! :heartpulse:


Does this spell help me find my mind, I lost it about 10 years ago and never seen it since?? :rofl:
I’m joking obviously :joy:
Seriously it’s a great spell!!!
@RyuWyn I’m happy that your cat returned. But I’m sorry you lost your tarot card. It’ll show up if it’s meant to.



I’ll try it this week. It’s not a big deal to lose a card but I find it really weird, especially with “The Devil”, but I’m sure I’ll find its meaning sooner or later.

Thank you for your wishes :slight_smile: