Increasing my ability to sell

I’m selling professional immigration services to immigrate to the US(legal & paralegal).

I’d appreciate any and all help.

Blessed be,


Hey John! Can you be a bit more specific on the help you’re looking for? Are you looking for spells, herbs, advice, etc.?


A bit of Everything. Whatever you have I’ll take. I need a creative way of selling with magic/occult etc


So what are your goals, in this case? I know what your job is and that’s to sell immigration services. However, what is the ultimate goal? Are you in the position for the money? Are you wanting to help people build a better life in the US? Are you trying to reunite families? I think pinning down you goal is helpful to give you a direction for where to go.

For example, if you’re only doing the work for the money – and no judgment from me, everyone has to make money somehow – then it might be helpful to carry a bay leaf with you to work. You could also do a spell to increase the amount of money you make, either paid by the hour or via commission, whichever applies.

If you’re in this line of work to help people make a better life, you might want to consider doing a spell to help you get the leads that are right for you. This can help you meet the right people for your goal and then help you accomplish that goal.


I’m mostly in it to help people & I’m both paid by the hour & commission.

I also need at least 5 sales this month to keep the job last month made 2 sales.

I obviously also need $.


That makes sense. Let me dig around on Spells8, YouTube, etc. and see what I can find for you to help.


Here are some spells from Spells8…

‘The Door Opener’: Wiccan Chant + Bag for Getting a Job

‘Moondrop Blessing’: A Spell to Keep & Protect Your Job

‘Rosemary Wash’: A Wiccan Bath & Spell for Career Success

Here are some videos…

Here are some spells from books…



Both of the above spells are from A Practical Guide for Witches by Ylva Mar Radziszewski

This spell is from Candle Magick for Beginners by Mystic Dylan

I hope you can find something that works well for you! :pray:


I guess I’ll try everything until something sticks the worst thing is my mindset:

I feel selling is dirty but I consciously understand we have a great product,

I just subconsciously sabotage myself, thinking it’s a fraud it’s not. I’ve seen the support team the paralegals lawyers.

I just have a hidden inner block cuz of inferiority issues


Megan offered some fantastic advice, so I’m just jumping in to add my support and say that I hope you can find the perfect spell for you, John! :raised_hands:

Sales does get put in a poor light at times, but that’s because of the unfortunate fraudulent products in the market. If the product you are selling helps people out, then there is nothing to be ashamed of! A job of helping people get what they need to live a better life is a good job in my opinion :grinning:

Good luck and blessed be!


I feel lack of power but still trying to smile


I think my thinking itself is changing as well as my magical ability

strange Spirits start contacting me.

Sael & Mammon starting to work their mojo

I’m trying to learn from my mistakes. It takes a while but I’m improving.

It’s hard for me to learn from my mistakes & I seem to be repeating them: very frustrating.

I’d like to take more baby steps.

I can’t seem to sell anything in the past month in 2 days I’m gonna have my Sael’s kingdom of the underworld ceremony to bring wealth to me.

Let’s see how it works.

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