Inexpensive Witchy Stuff - Temu

Just wanted to share a link to Temu - a place I’ve been getting some inexpensive witchy stuff over the past few months. I’ve gotten jewelry, some lighting, spell jars, tarot cards, decor and some crystals. (I also get a ton of other random stuff there that’s not witch-related.)

The shipping takes a few weeks, but we’ve never had any issues with the products or delivery. And everything has been decent quality so far!

I’m not an affiliate or anything, but the link below potentially gives me credit if you sign up through it. :slight_smile: Just thought I’d share it with you wonderful people as it’s been nice to add things to our home and my practice without spending a ton of money.


I’ve never heard of this webstie before. I’ll have to check it out - thank you for sharing!


Ong Temu is everywhere. My son is into it. Ive bought a few things from there. The price is right! You do get pretty good quality.


Ohhhh I’m intrigued :eyes:

I’ve used She-in and Aliexpress in the past, I wonder if Temu is similar to those? Definitely going to take a peek and see what witchy stuff they have! :grinning:

Thank you for sharing the recommendation, @Aurora_Hestia! :heart:


I’ve only used Aliexpress and I would say it’s similar, but with a bit more reassurance? The tracking is always accurate and we’ve had zero issues with our orders :slight_smile:


That’s great to hear! I had a few issues with Aliexpress’ shipping in the past, although I’m putting the blame on the Polish Post more than Aliexpress haha. Although for full discrepancy, Aliexpress did absolutely nothing to try and help the situation :sweat_smile:

Good customer service is a really rare thing these days- if you find a site or service that treats its customers well, hang onto it! :laughing: :+1:

Blessed be, and may all that you order continue to arrive safe and sound! :raised_hands: :package: :sparkles::blush:


How weird. I was in the crazy store (craft store LOL :joy:) a couple weeks ago looking at some craft ribbon and a random woman came up to me and told me about this app. I’ve been hesitant to order anything, but now I think I will after seeing your post! Thank you @Aurora_Hestia :heart:

I really need to proof read before hitting send :laughing:


There’s an app too btw