Infusing objects with energy ✨️

It’s been on my mind for quite some time now to write :writing_hand: a post regarding this :thinking: in the hope that I can help shed some light on a topic that seems to have been left out or opened for interpretation in many videos, books and articles.

Infusing or charging object with personal energy

A lot of focus is being placed on items, chants and ingredients used in a spell and the energetic part is left to a small description like and now you charge the item with your energy and intention (what does that even mean :grinning:) and how to even do that correctly? I know it would have helped me, and saved a lot of time, if I would have known the answer to that question when I was just starting out :person_gesturing_ok:.

Energy is in a state of flow :sparkles: :cyclone: and infusing energy into items and objects has to do with the triple aspect of your energetic body
The spiritual energy, the mental energy and the physical energy.

The spiritual energy, is the divine, this energy is outside and within, it connects everything, linking everything together in the complex web of time and space. As above so below

The mental energy, is your though process, your ability to create inside of you, to give shape and meaning to the divine energy, the power of imagination.
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited”
Albert Einstein

The physical energy, is your ability to transform your mental energy into reality, using your physical body.
“Willing is not enough, we must do”
Bruce Lee

By now we already start to see how the flow of energy is going :relieved: so wean charging or infusing energy into our craft (candles :candle:, herbs :herb: , tools, etc) we have to try and achieve first a state of stillness (that’s why the description before starting any kind of spell work and energetic work in general is and now relax and take a few deep breaths ) frome there, in this place of stillness we charge our spiritual energy and then we bring it into our mind and give it form, direction and intention using our mental energy, frome there you take this energy and bring it into reality using the motion of your body ( applying oils on a candle, tying knots :knot:, doying the craft )…:pray:t2:… And so the energy infusion is complete.
I hope you’ll find value in this , even do this post is mainly direct towards the ones that are just starting out in witchcraft, it never hurts to go back to the fundamentals from time to time.

Words of encouragement :slightly_smiling_face:: We have been persecuted for thousands of years, silenced, killed, forced to hide in the shadows, but today thanks to our democratic way of thinking and the expanding state of global consciousness we are now more free than ever before to express ourselves and to say that I exist, and I am a practitioner of the craft :face_holding_back_tears:
You all have the possibility to learn freely…ask questions…this online community is a golden resource at your fingertips, don’t be afraid to ask questions, come out and feel free to learn and explore this wonderful way of living that we all know as witchcraft

Feel free to post any comments and feedback that you may have, looking forward in getting to know all of you, and BLESSED BE! :pray:t2: :man_mage:


Awesome information, thank you for sharing.


You’re so right, Cosmin :clap:

Even someone like me that’s been practicing for a while often forgets that others who may be newer don’t understand what we mean when we say “charge an object with energy” and I think you put it in a beautiful and simple way.


Thank you for this, that’s what I thought it meant, but it’s so good to have someone put it into words.


Good morning :pray:t2:
I do believe that this is the main reason why spells don’t work, placing yourself in the right meditative state so that the energy that you’re trying to manipulate can have a shape is very important, otherwise your just left with some strange form of arts and craft not witchcraft :smiley:
And I know that this falls in the thaaa…this is so obvious category :roll_eyes: maybe that’s why is so easily overlooked wean trying to find the reason why spells didn’t work :thinking:


I totally agree with you, I find myself in the same situation that’s why I started this conversation/topic as a reminder more for me than others :smile::smiley::grinning: because I know that beginners often are more interested in finding out more advanced things “the things that make witchcraft look cool :sunglasses: and mysterious :grinning: " not some simple mambo jumbo like charging object with energy :grinning: :upside_down_face: it only hits them later if they (manage to stick with it ) that " h…I think I should go back to the beginning a little :grinning: because I’m not sure I’m doing things right” and that’s the lucky one’s, because I’ve seen so many give up because at one time they just don’t understand anything anymore…and that’s sad :pensive:


Thank you for this reminder. It’s important for people just beginning as well as seasoned practitioners.


Wow! that is massively helpful for me, thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: