Inner Strength

I used to think that I couldn’t be a witch because I wasn’t rich enough, smart enough, brave enough or the gods and goddesses wouldn’t like me enough. I remember my first ever ritual to Hekate, I was so nervous. I offered her cloves of garlic under a beautiful full moon and spoke my rusty Greek. I was confident but unsure and believed she would ignore me and I would have to try again. When the ritual was complete, I asked my moon deck for guidance and I drew an owl. They see all and carry great wisdom. I felt a presence and I felt heard. I was instantly accepted which is something I’ve never had before. Her presence is dominating and chilling, I know when she is near as I feel a shiver up my spin. Today I have enjoyed resting, my deck has told me that I should bask in my achievements and give myself a pat on the back, so I spoke with an ancestor via my pendulum board and have enjoyed a calming shower and just sitting by my alters in silence and absorbing this fresh energy in my life. As witches, we should all remember to take a break and simply bath in the energy.


This is beautiful Lara, remember the craft is in your bloodline via Nana’s mother (great grandmother) all the way back to Northern Ireland. I love your photo. Love you :sparkling_heart:


This is a beautiful message, Lara, thank you for sharing it – and your photo!

I have often felt the same way when interacting with Brigid. Though I don’t do daily work with her anymore, I know when she’s near and when I am heard. The connection we have to the divine that we choose to work with is something we should treasure while we have it. :heart:


Well said! :blush:

Thank you for sharing, Lara- may Hekate continue to watch over and guide you on your path. Wishing you all the best with your future spells and ritual work! :heart:

Much love and many blessings :sparkles:


Thank you for sharing this, your message is spot on and I think I needed to see this and know that I am not alone. I myself did this the other day after being away for a week and not wanting to do much of anything in general, giving up hope in my path and other things. I am always on the go and it is a pain at times but I had to remember to take a break and had sat at my altar and talked to my Deities and did some meditaitons I felt a bit better and knew that they were with me.


I’m glad my message helped and I’m sorry you felt that way! All of our paths are so unique and even though you can’t see it sometimes, it’s definitely there. Remember to be kind to yourself :slight_smile: the pink candle meditation on this app is amazing for helping realise this!


What a beautiful Witch you are!
Sweet creature!
Thanks for sharing this with the family