Inner temple is now officially under construction

Yep i found myself being drawn to getting my inner temple sorted and i know its maybe personal thing to each person but i just wondered if it was ok to ask what the process others went through to create their inner temple?? I was thinking getting images of the journey in and what it might look like to help with visualisation n maybe intially have the stages of the journet in a sort of slide show to help the visualisation focus n construction n images of items i might like in there to use… but i was just thinking maybe others might have already developed theit inner temple n might have other ideas or suggestions that might help. Im sure im not the only one this might be interest to n i hope its ok to ask so i just thought mayve could open up a discussion about how ppl constructed n created their inner temples, things they foubd useful n stuff not so much… how doing workings works out for them in temple like is it similar when build energy or using tools or is it harder cause having to visualise n draw energy of tool rather than have it physically there. Is their warbings that might be helpful to know? Best way to help spirits n deiries feel welcone in the temple… thibgs like that. Also any suggestions on setting up an outline of temple or how u move around temple. How you use colour, do you use colour. Do you have rooms for everythubg or just a main space n do ecerythibg in one room? Is it all inside or out or combo? Is your outsude space in the temple. How do you travel there, how do you protect space when entering from bringing outside thinfs or energy dont want in there. Protection methods while in there from negative beings or energies. Do you records spells in the temple or notes and if do how do you remember or do you only write outsude of inner temple n look up stuff before go in. Like thinking of if foing a spell, what if get all the way into inner templr but cant remember what needed for a spell do u just use intuition or jump out of temple n look it up n then go back in or just make sure youve got it straight before go in?

Oh yeah you guessed it, im excited im hopeful and im fascinated and i have got ohh so many questions​:joy:im.sure im not the only one and ive seen some new ppl joining lately so maybe not everyone knows about inner temples n how they work so i guess while im really curious myself im sure there might be some that might also get something out of any shared knowledge n experience ppl have. Im also willing to as work on my own inner temple to share ideas n things i try here as well. So i guess now ive asked a million questions ( lol ok slight exageration) i guess the floor is open to anyone who may have advice, ideas etc or even different or similar questions to me, thats if ppl would like to and are comfortable. I know not everyine can practice openly n there are times dont have what need so im guessing there might be sone good discussions to be had about inner temples. Lol or maybe its just me ( but i have a hunch maybe there are others ) :grin:no pressure though.



I have an Inner Temple with many rooms. I feel safe, loved, and protected when I’m there. It’s a very private experience for me and I prefer not to go into a lot of detail here.

To make a very long story short, I purchased an Audiobook by Caroline Myss, Entering the Castle. This audiobook has changed my life. I listened to it many many many times… until I had worked through my issues. Even now, I listen again when the mood comes over me. I have also purchased the book, so I would have the words for the mediations.

With much love :heart: always…


Creating an inner temple is something I plan on working on for the liminal magick challenge! We’re on the same page :blush: I don’t have any experience creating an inner temple right now because I haven’t done it yet. I’ve thought about creating a visualization using The Sims 4 (because the building tools are really helpful) and then letting my brain explore that, if that makes sense.

There’s also a process of trancework that lets your brain come up with its own sort of temple. You go into a meditation or trance with the intent of finding your temple rather than building it.

Good luck on your temple creations! If I find any answers to your questions from my personal experience I’ll be sure to come back and let you know :blush:


I love that, ive used sims 4 when writing stories and creating chatacters and buildings. And even a digital art of cave for an art class :joy:that soubds like an awesome idea to help create a temple. Thanks for the suggestion​:grin:i havent used my sims 4 in so long mayve i might have a look at that .


Yeah, no problem! I love playing The Sims but I haven’t found much time to do it lately. I’ve used it before to create stories and keep myself interested in the game. I have the vampires pack and the one that comes with witches so I might use the Forgotten Hollow neighborhood to start out because it fits the vibe I want :laughing: Maybe I’ll start on it and post a picture! (after I get my work done, of course lol)


I do have ideas about tge transition into the temple in stages to go deeper in and use of colours such as entering via a white space with clouds mist or/ and fog and a white tea garden table with cleansing tea, white flowers and a pond etc with the intention of cleansing from negative energies from outside before entering in further before finding a black door with runes of protection befote enter further, maybe a cloak hanging near the door. And depending how far want to go in and what need if just need to go in to cleanse i can just go into the white slace and soend time thete for a bit and i figure that might help get into right space to go further in. The black door could have a table with black items also for protection which can a protect space and myself. Ive figured out some elemental inside stuff like a waterfall and trees, inside temple, crystal cave, a supplies and resources library. I want to also include more colours inside the space. Im still wanna my rainbow magic :joy::joy::rainbow:. But tgats as far as ive got so far. Ive gone into my white space a few times already and ice foynd it helped. So im excited for more. And i like the idea of trying stuff out with Sims as well​:grin:


After going over 24 hours with out sllep and 3 hours travel on public transport a 10 hour shift day ( as staff shortage i worked through lunch just scoffing food down as did so still got food in day) n doing more when got home i was grateful to finally get a few hours sometime after 5am this morning. Guess where i was when i finally did fall asleep!? ( well in physical bed of course lol) but i was also finding a comfy cloudy bed in my white space inside inner temple with a blacket of white flowers covering me. That is how i finally fell asleep in the end. :joy::heart_eyes::grin: even if just for a few hours i am truly grateful, i was so over exhausted esp after only have a few hours each night for several nights in a row n very long n overwhelming days at work. Im so grateful for discovering an entry point in the white space. :grin:


I myself am still working my inner temple out even after year but one word of great advice read during this time is it can look any way you like. Some have said its a room of shining crystals of their favourite type such as amethyst but to me so far all i see in either white or a warmer shade or light. I feel calm more than safe but that might be because of my own safety issue here at home and feeling of shame due to criticising of another family member. To me my safe haven is my sacred room and to literally make myself feel safe and calm i even put a lock on there. It can be open with a knife from the other side but at least to me it stands for safety…


That’s a lot of ideas! :heart: I love all of them, especially the cleansing with the white space. I had the idea of a cleansing waterfall that also acted as a barrier against any Spirits or entities that I didn’t invite in.

That’s amazing! I mean, it sounds like it sucks that you went so long without sleep and you had a busy and rough time (at least I would be run ragged at that point lol) but a comfy cloudy bed sounds perfect :pinched_fingers: :cloud:

That’s the best thing about it! It’s YOUR space – no one else can intervene, interfere, or intrude on your space unless you let them.


Love the waterfall idea, thats a really good idea😁


I have a question about being in a liminal space when falling asleep and how to lnow when crossed into sleep.

I had a weird n kinda terrifying experience curling up in my white space in my cloud bed and cloud n flower blanket. Now thats sometging not thought id ever say lol but i felt something behind me, pushing me down like a person putting their weight on me and holding me down. In my mind i was trying to pull out of the liminal space and screaming for them to get off, i coild feel as i tried to pull out of the liminal space /white zone it was like the weight pusjing down peeled off slightly but as i slipped back into the space again the weight returned.
I live alone so i know it wasnt an actual person in my house doing it… At least i hope not😱 but it felt more in the inner temple space and because id fallen asleep not long after i now not sure about it. I had the physical sensation of the weight and it felt like soneone putting tgeir weight on me pushing me down or holding me down im not sure… and while having nightmares of being attacked is not unheard of, it was just the weight likke a person weight and becayse i was in my inner temple at the time and i cant remember what happened after when i couldnt pull myself out of the temple… im starting to wonder if something or soneone got in and if there was something could do to stop that happening again. Its kinda freaked me out a bit tbh. Just when i was finding a safe space inside n a place i was finding helped me a lil with sleep. . But the actual physical sensation not just like in dream you might imagine a person doing somethibg, i actually physically felt it… but it wasnt someone physically there in outside world but in that inner space or something. Can that actually happen, and what can i do to stop it? Im not sure the intent of who or whatever it was. N if it was a spirit with good intention i hope i didnt offend tgem with freaking out but if it was something or some one with negative intenyion i need to try figure out how to keep them out. I dont recall actually inviting anyone in, id thought of how having animal spirits would be nice to have in there but like id thought of white rabbits etc( n now im thinking alive in wonderlabd lol) to fit the space but just thinking aboyt iy wouldnt bring animals spirits in would it? But then it wasnt a small weight of somethung like a rabbit. Maybe im overthinking it but it was a physical weight on top of me, someyhing larger. But i was alone in my house but i didnt feel alone in my white space. Now im not sure what would happen if i went back to the white space again tonight. I need the sleep. N it was gelping to go there n the more i go the better at or easier the transition in there got n visualising and interacting with that space. Ive been told i am someone sensitive to spiritual things, n now im not sure if when i went in to that space, what if i really wasnt alobe. N how do i know the intent of who was in there with me, what if i insult a good spirit or what if is a spirit or something meaning me harm. Im vulnerable there. Im not sure how or what i should do…


That sounds like quite the terrifying experience, @Phoenix_Fire :scream: Based on what you said initially…

This sounds like my own personal experience with sleep paralysis.

Sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move that occurs right after falling asleep or waking up. Individuals remain aware during episodes, which frequently involve troubling hallucinations and a sensation of suffocation. Source -

Based on what you’ve said, the protections you’ve got in your inner temple – I don’t believe that anyone can enter your inner temple without your express permission – and the way you felt, I would say this experience is nothing more than sleep paralysis. This is a fairly normal, albeit terrifying, experience that can happen when there’s a disconnect between your brain and your body during sleep. I don’t think it was anything spiritual in nature. You may just need a bit more practice with mindfulness as you’re falling asleep or entering your inner temple.


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