Intense vivid dreams

So for as long as I can remember (around age 6) I’ve had real vivid and intense dreams. I still remember a couple of dreams I had at age 6 because of how bizzare they were.

Sometimes my dreams are a fun bizzare that i long to have with patterns, shapes, and colors, in those dreams im usually floating over my body to different places, sometimes i float until something jerks me awake and i feel like I’m falling.

Some dreams are continuations of previous dreams, and it seems like there is a life I live in my normal dreams that I keep going back to where there is continutity and progression just like if I were awake.

I have had some lucid dreams too where I know I’m dreaming and can do whatever I want. One weird thing that seems to kappen to me when im in between being awake and asleep is that I will be awake in my mind and can hear everything thats going on in tge waking world around me, I’ll think I’m up doing stuff like getting ready for my day, or screaming so someone will hear me, but in reality I’m still in bed unable to move or speak. I still don’t know why that happens.

I do have ptsd from a bad past so some of my dreams are night terrors and related to that sort of stuff, but in other dreams some very special ones to ke that really messed with me, I am talking to my grandfather who passed away when I was 10 ( in most of these kinds of dreams i find him at tge last place we lived together but it turns out hes been alive this whole time, just hiding and i have to teach hims stuff about how the world has changed since 2004)

After these dreams upon waking up, i forget for a few minutes that it was just a dream, and that he is not still here.

There have been 2 dreams about my grandfather where we were in a very bright place full of white and we were just having a normal conversation about how life has been since he left. I always wondered if he was trying to communicate with me from some after life.

I know personally I’ve always felt that dreams are significant whether for psychological reasons or spiritual reasons, but I’ve never had anyone in my life whose understood the nature of my dreams or tge impact they have on me.

I know this is in the Q and A section and I haven’t gotten to my questions yet, but I do have a few.

  1. Do the types of dreams and sleeping situations I have discribed seem to have any spiritual significance, like messages from deities or other beings, ancestors, or my own subconsious/unconsious mind?

  2. Is there any path or journey I can take to understand what happens in my sleeping world?

  3. Does anyone else have any kind of similar experiences, or am I alone in all this strangeness?


Same with me

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
    3 yes
    Dreams have strong meanings and messages there our version of tarot cards. I deal with dreams

I have very vivid dreams and about 80 percent of the time, I know I’m dreaming. The other 20 percent feels so real. I remember a few weeks ago I had a nightmare and I thought to myself, I have dreamed about this, and I didn’t die, so I’m not going to die now. When we sleep, we give our bodies a time to rest, but our brains are going in fast motion. In my opinion, every dream has a meaning. I always have loved ones in my dreams that have passed away, and those are my favorite. I believe that those dreams are a way for them to say that they are okay, and still with me.


Yes and my mother taught me this to. She had a dream of grandpa saying the sky is falling that night our roof caved in always listen to the clues of the loved ones who passed on


Wow, that’s awesome. Not that the roof fell in, but that he told her in her dream. I think when we are awake, we have so much external things going on. When we sleep our brains are more open to receive messages. Dreams have meaning in some way or another.


I have found, from sharing my dreams in college, that few people have vivid dreams like this. Treasure them. I spent time collecting information about early dreams and visions, attempting to find or make a book of symbolism, but the dreams faded before I could finish my work. What you choose to do with them is up to you, but do enjoy them! They are a special gift.

You could study the origins of Aboriginal Dreamtime or Shamanism in general. Each has their own cultural way of expressing what is going on.

Oh my, it has been a long time since I read these. Umm… There was a book on Siberian Shamanism I once read by Olga… Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve forgotten.

Try accessing the Shaman’s Death in Native American parlance. If something doesn’t resonate, try coming back to it after you have studied other aspects of the subject: you may not have the words yet, but the wisdom is available.

This is actually quite a rabbit hole. How far you go depends on how much work you want to do. I’d offer you an inroads through some of my books, but your focal point seems to have gotten lost in my studies.

You are definitely not alone, though it is rare. I’m glad you felt confident enough to share.
Best of luck in your research!:four_leaf_clover:


I want to thank everyone for their help. I loved all of your answers and I learned so much. I will definitely be checking out all of your recommendations, especially the shamanism @georgia talked about.


I used to have vivid dreams stuff u may not want to know about. Some of its terrible and scary.

Anyway. Some ofWhat you describe makes me believe you have been astral traveling. Maybe try to intentionally astral travel mind awake body asleep. Guide the trajectory of your travel. Have in mind who u are going or seeing maybe it will bring you confidence


Here’s my meditation list. I’m still adding to it. But you can save it and see things as I keep adding more. It’s mostly astral travel and lucid dreaming guided meditations.

Hit the three lines in right hand corner hit share then it should take u straight to the list so you can save it or go through it.


These are stuff I’m working on it’s my major as a witch for now


I just wanted to share something interesting about a dream I had last night. I was staying at this like genuinely haunted hotel (it doesn’t really exist it was just in my dream) and I kept getting warnings from everyone not to stay in room 347. That number was made very clear to me. I was confused when I woke up, but I remembered what you all said about messages, and I just looked up 347 numerology in google and i found a link talking about how that is an angel number which signifies that your guide are reminding you of your inner strength snd wisdom and to always care for yourself instead of just caring for other people. This is cool because I always take care of others before myself and I have a very liw self esteem and self confidence level, so I figure that is what it was talking about


I was just going to say that. It’s a angel number I have the angel number book here I use it alot


Sounds like you found a meaning that resonated with you. That’s awesome. This is also something I’d benefit from working on. :heavy_heart_exclamation: Your a beautiful person don’t forget that. I’m here with you my friend. This is a good place to build self confidence. I’d definitely suggest working on your shielding. Do you also take on other people’s energies accidentally? Do you feel other people’s feelings?


Yes I actually do, all the time!


Sounds like your an empath. I am as well. Here’s an exercise that helps me. Turn out lights light a candle focus on the candle and how you are separate from the candle. Then focus on ur peripheral view of darkness and imagine being a part of that. Then go back to to the candle and so on. I use it with people too. Imagine your energy is separate. I suggest grounding and learning to shield yourself with that light after u pull it through your body and anchor to the the universe. Then practice pushing the light out to shield u. If you need anything feel free to reach out :heavy_heart_exclamation:


@patricia2 Wow! Those are some intense dreams! I’ve actually had the same dream about my grandfather as you did about yours! It happens repeatedly! I take it as he’s sending me a message. I have dreams of other loved ones that have passed away. They are different than a regular dream though. I don’t know how to explain it. I think you may be Astral projecting too. I think meditating on it might help decipher the messages in your dreams. I get a sense of what the message loved ones are trying to tell me. I can kinda feel the message and I talk to them when I’m awake. I’m kinda just rambling on! I hope some of this makes sense lol!


Found It! Thank you @patricia2 for inspiring me to search for it!