Intention IS Everything! But, Is It?

Yes, you can make a cake without flour, a chocolate one that is heaven on a plate.
It’s so delightful that even angels are delighted by it!:face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl::joy:
Will check this video later, it’s a word I don’t remember used before.


It’s absolutely how we learn but most are closed minded! That’s how arguments start. But we’re all adults here. When are others going to mature already???!!! :rofl:


I need this. LOL

Ha… I love to have fun and be goofy - but there is a time and place for some seriousness too! I LOVE having this conversation with people who aren’t calling me names lol.



Even when we are dying we learn something, never too late…!


Yup you got that right!!


My lovely “Satan” has arrived with a tempting huge choux bun filled with custard and dressed with chocolate an sugar.
I’ve succumbed to the temptation and am a sinner🤭
I bet that if “I set my intention” I could make a tastier one…SORRY, I couldn’t resist, forgive me all😬
I have failed in my attempt to keep my glucose levels in check.
But was heavenly while eating it.
The snake must be chuffed!
Now I am pleading to be forgiven for this bun…God, I am a terrible pleader​:joy::rofl:
Here is the proof!

There’s another box in the fridge, WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS?
Have you seen this Almodovar’s film?:japanese_goblin:


Exactly. That is why I paid to be here. I came from nothing many of us have. I hope to from my time here I will learn the important things. Making intention into reality. If I could apprentice I certainly would. This is as close as I found and I was glad to have found it.


Yes, I’ve listened to the whole clip.
Yes, I did not get upset.
I have been enlightened by your wisdom.
There’s s line in SPARTACUS: Shut up, adults are talking!
I know I will never level up with you, but I hope listening to you will make me a better human being in an attempt to become a fair witch one day.


Thank you for the video. I always try to be open minded and understand why someone has a certain viewpoint. My views on the topic, however, are more in line with @praecog29 and @christina4.

We humans are incomprehensibly small compared to the size of the known universe (the universe expands approximately 200,000 miles every 2 seconds and there are 100 billion galaxies and more). That’s why I feel the Universe only cares about our intentions during spell work.

When it comes to spells, I write my own nowadays. Before, I would use the spells on this site. I followed some of them perfectly, others I have had to alter because of my situation and what I have access to (i.e., I’m in an apartment and can’t burn incense or burn things in a cauldron without setting off the fire alarm :sweat_smile::face_with_hand_over_mouth:). But I feel that these spells (where I’ve had to add my own flare) were just as successful as the ones I have followed to a T. And I feel that a big part of that is I declared, “with this spell, I will manifest…”
Whether you want your spells to be simple or elaborate, add your own flare or go exactly by the book is entirely up to you. Whatever helps you manifest your goals is the right way.


I can’t get angry if something I said was misinterpreted.
What I suggested was you need intent, what do you want to accomplish? Are you aiming at something good or will you be playing on the darker side.
I promise, I’ve never turned a guy into Mary Poppins just to be a stinker.
Tempting…but no.


Thanks for this @SilverBear, such an interesting topic to discuss! :dizzy:

My beliefs, at their core, are that intention is the strongest tool - I agree with @Kasandra that in the grand scheme of things, individually humans are very small in comparison to the Universe as a whole.

However, despite this, I chose to live my life and practice my magic alongside the natural flow of astrology :star: and moon cycles :full_moon: I prefer to work with the flow of the energies Selene (or whoever you chose to pray to as your Divine source) has made available to me. Whether that may be using Rose Quartz in a Self Love Ritual :heartpulse: a blue candle :candle: to connect on a deeper spiritual level with the Divine or using the New Moon :new_moon: to manifest something then that’s what I’m going to do…

If I believe She is the source then it stands to reason that I believe She made these tools available to me, after all. Like @christina4 said about candles, herbs and oils etc adding corresponding energies :sparkles:

Another rather unpopular belief of mine is that all Pure and Divine energy ultimately comes from the same source, we just chose which face we apply to the source.

So my personal belief is that intent is the most potent ingredient behind any action. Its something I’ve tried to instil in my daughters belief systems and into the basic aspects of her day to day life, for example, the difference between “bad words” and words with “bad intent”; so, she drops a glass on the floor, it smashes, she says “F•••!" :boom: now, some will say this is a “bad word”. I see it as a word - expressing annoyance at a negative event - if she’s says this in front of Grandma or at school, they’re probably going to tell her off, but I’m not, because it’s just a word.

However, if you were to take that same word and apply it to a derogative label targeting someones race, religion, external appearance, sexuality you are putting bad intent into that word; you are taking that word and twisting it into hate speech, which, is unacceptable to me :no_entry: I’m not going to use an example here as I believe everyone on this site has had enough life experience to know the sort of hate speech I’m implying and I have no desire to trigger anybody here, as I love you all and believe this is a safe space.

It’s important to me that my daughter understands the intention behind words and actions, and that she understands as long as her intentions are pure and kind she has nothing to fear :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For me, this links to what @praecog29 said about searching for the truth - this is the basis for a lot of my childhood pain and trauma surrounding religion. Growing up Catholic, Bi-Sexual, with Compulsive Sexual Behaviours amongst many other things, I was lead to believe I was dirty, wrong, bad and going to burn in hell for all eternity :fire:

Every question I asked, every challenge I entered about the Catholic belief system :latin_cross: was met with a stonewall - this is what it is, you must blindly believe in the words the priest has spoken and to even think about challenging or questioning them is abhorrent and just another reason why I was destined to burn in hell.

Carrying that around with me from the age of 7 was horrifically scarring, I was terrified and traumatised for a long time, however, with age and perspective I’ve started to enjoy learning about different people beliefs, practices and their own versions of intent. I am, and will always be, wary of anyone who attempts to force a rigid belief system on me, but if you’re not hurting anyone, then crack on :upside_down_face:

I love this…

It makes sense to me. Ultimately, I believe I will get my desired outcome, but it doesn’t hurt to “follow a recipe”…. Virgos :virgo: strive for perfection after all… :wink:


I love every single word you wrote… No wonder why Ben loves you!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::two_hearts::heart:


Aw thank you, you’re so kind :heart:


I also used this word; intention, to say things in short. But when it comes to working on a spell, I just believe on that specific spell, without doubts. Pouring in it all my feelings and energies, to make it manifest. Depending of the spell I add certain ingredients; like stated in the video, even fest for some rituals in which is more ceremonial. I also invoke to a Deity to give that extra boost to it. Time, space and the planets location, understanding that it can work better. Also a little drop of my blood when working with a specific Deity, not on everything.


Personally, I’ve heard over and over again that intention is everything to the point where it has become imprinted on my practice. This video caused me to stop, take a step back, and really examine that belief- which I think is an extremely valuable thing to do in our practices. :pray: So thank you so much for opening up this discussion, @Silverbear :blush:

“If intention is all there is, are we to dismiss everything about witchcraft?”

After quite a bit of thought on this (and reading everyone’s amazing personal reflections on the subject!) I think it’s not something that we can draw a line down the middle of. I think we all agree that a caster’s intention is important, but that’s not the discussion here. The question raised is, can we do with magic purely with our intention, without any tools?

To this, after much thought and reflection, I would say yes, it is possible to cast magic with just intention. After all, what is meditation if not the power of our minds? What is shadow work, diving deep within ourselves? Inner Temple Work with the magic of visualizations? I, personally, consider these things to be magick- magick that requires nothing but the will and direction of our own minds. No tools necessary.

I believe that drawing on tools (herbs, wands, divination tools, etc.) or even outside forces (such as nature or the deities) can greatly enhance magick. These tools can be used to do so much: guide casting, assist beginners, provide confidence, add something extra to magick.

(And yes, I do I think there are some specific aspects of magick that do require tools- things such as Kitchen Witchery and Tarot.)

I often recommend witchy tools and use them quite a bit in my own practice. But for those just starting out, who don’t have access to equipment nor tools, can’t afford witchy things, need to keep their practice secret for safety reasons, or feel lost about where to get started- to them, I personally say with confidence that they should be able to practice their Craft with just their intention and desire for magick :sparkles:

Wow, this was a very thought-provoking video! Thank you very much for putting this out there, @Silverbear. I appreciate your sharing your experience and opinions to open up a discussion.

Love and Light! :heart:


Thank you everyone for you input! It was a great discussion thus far! I too have learned a lot. I think that is an important thing to also make a comment about — we never stop learning. :hugs:


Really great way to put things into perspective with the real life example of weight loss. It’s true it won’t just happen, but without the intention it can’t happen, intention alone is not enough but with it you have opened up the possibility for yourself. Thank you for sharing this, I completely agree but haven’t really known how to verbalise it. I personally used to describe it as working with the chaos that is chance. If you can take that chaos and manifest structure, this can then become your own result.


I didn’t get upset listening to this. I understood your points. But I think what you have to understand is that different people approach their lives in different ways and their approach to life is shaped by their values, temperament, background, preferences and experiences. If there is an issue I have with the video, it’s that you appear to be stating that the way you approach readiness is the right way, similar to the many hours of training and study you devoted to being a health coach. Devoting study to an endeavor by many people is considered admirable. But what if you think about witches as artists. There are artists who go to school, study the masters, devote years to practicing and learning about the tools and techniques and refining their art. And there are artists who just pick up a canvas and some paint and joyfully paint away on the weekends. Are you going to tell me that the second one is not an artist? What if the second one says she is in fact an artist? Does the fact that she claims to be an artist show disrepect in anyway to the first hypothetical artist or artists who have come before or art itself? Do we not all start out with crayons, anyway? In other words, how does what other people believe, value or do have any real impact on you and your practice? That said, great discussion! I’m glad you posted!


No baby girl,
you are absolutely right. Nothing is written in stone. My generations said "do your own thing.’ The way I approach my life is my choice and I always own the result of my decisions and I hope others do to.
I do try to believe in be kind, think kind, do kind.
Much love…


I don’t think my way is the right way at all. I apologize if it came across that way.

It has zero impact on me or the way I practice.

I have recently noticed the phrase, “intention is all you need” increase dramatically. It seems to be the go to answer for every single question that is asked…lol (not on this forum - on social media in general)
I feel it’s more of a new age witch thing. I guess my crone years are showing.

You kids get off my lawn!! lol :crazy_face: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Great topic - great discussion! Thanks folks.