Interested in looking for a coven/circle

I live in washington state about a hour from spokane, wa. I am looking for like minds I can learn & get support from. I don’t mi d working alone but I like learning from others also.


Warm greetings @stephanie58! :blush:

I’m not in the Washington area so I’m afraid I don’t have recommendations about local gatherings in that area. You might try browsing through what others have mentioned in the Where in the World Are Witches post- sometimes folks share their exact location, in which case you might be able to connect :handshake:

I’ve also heard that some folks have had luck finding nearby covens and local gatherings via Facebook Groups, so you might try that if you have Facebook. Perhaps Meetup is worth a check too?

While you look for a local group to meet with physically, know that the online coven here in the forum is always open and available to you! There are weekly group rituals, bi-monthly energy exchange gatherings, and 24/7 accessibility to the wisdom of your fellow Infinite Roots coven members. Anytime you are learning about something and want to ask questions or have a chat, we are here! You can reach out anytime :infinite_roots: :blush:

Wishing you all the best - blessed be, Stephanie! :sparkles:


I’m not in the Washington area, and @BryWisteria has already mentioned some great resources, but you can also check your local metaphysical store(s) for information! Often places like that will have a wall of business cards, meetups, or even hold classes and sabbats themselves. Even if they don’t, they probably know a few people that can give you more information on covens and circles in the area :blush:


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