Interesting Oracle Pull This Morning

Hi all,

I had an interesting thing happen this morning when doing my daily card pull from my Auset Oracle cards. To clarify, these are 44 numbered cards, each portraying an Egyptian deity or symbol.

I shuffle the cards, hold them while saying a short prayer to Auset, shuffle again and select. This morning however, during the prayer part, the number 14 popped into my head, i could see it in front of me and hear it be repeated.

I opened my eyes and shuffled the cards bug wondered what to do. I thought about just getting the card with the number 14 on it but then i decided to stack the cards and count them from the top, selecting the 14th card.

I turned it over and got Hathor, deity of love and music. What i was shocked about though that this card is the one from the deck that is also numbered 14. It was almost as if i was meant to get this card. If I had gone straight into the pile for card 14, i’d have got Hathor. I counted the 14th card and it just happened to be card 14…Hathor.

Was I meant to get this card? Was my intuition working for me? Is this possibly a sign from Hathor?

The card recommended meditating on her so I will try this out to see if I get any clarity.

Blessed be




Yes, this card was meant for you, Alan, your intuition is working, and it is an important and meaningful message for you!

I love the synchronicity of it! Thank you for sharing, and if you do get more clarity, please share if you are so inclined! :hugs:

With love :heart: always


Oh Alan,
Sounds like that card was definitely meant for you! I love when the universe works like this! I’m eager to hear what you find out in the next few days!


Oh, how very cool! :clap: This happens to me when I read tarot for people sometimes. I’ll shuffle the deck, think of a card or answer, and usually end up pulling exactly that card. I’m not sure if it’s intuition guiding me or my thoughts influencing what I pull. Either way, it’s never been wrong when it’s happened!


I’m with everyone else- one way or another, this card was determined to be seen by you today. Perhaps Hathor has an important message for you, or there’s something in the number 14 (that was on your mind before drawing your card) worth looking into :mag:

Either way, I hope it’s something positive! :blush: Good luck with your meditation- I imagine it will reveal more about the message and what to do from here :person_in_lotus_position:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


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