Into the Salt Mine... 🧂

Warm greetings to all!

I’m back from vacation in Kraków and despite the brief issue with trains, we did indeed make it successfully to the Salt Mine!

:salt: :hammer_and_pick: :white_heart:

This post is an entry to the current Weekly Witchy Challenge- Wickedly Delicious :yum:

The underground salt lake, deep in the mine

The Wielczka Salt Mine

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is a mine located just outside of Kraków- a southern city in Poland. Although Wieliczka is one of several active mines in Poland, it is by far the most popular with tourists :camera:

The famous St Kinga’s Chapel- 101 meters below the ground, carved from rock salt

We took the less intensive tourist route down 60 flights of stairs through a mine shaft. Down in the mine we walked for 4 hours on a guided tour- you can’t go in by yourself because it’s way to easy to get lost!

All that walking, and we only saw 2% of the mine. It is massive! :dizzy_face:

Carvings in the mine- all carved from salt

The mine is famous for rock salt- on the three top levels of the mine (out of the nine total levels) there are numerous art work displays and carvings, all crafted from the salt itself! :salt:

Salt in the museum

After the tourist route ends, there is an optional continuation into the museum part of the mine. This part is also guided, as it is still too easy to get lost in the labrynith underground.

The salt here is from Wieliczka and other salt mines in Poland. The blue salt is supposed formed from a mutation in the salt :blue_heart:

Some caverns in the mine are tiny while others are HUGE!

While the mine is no longer actively producing rock salt, evaporated salt is still collected from salt brine there. Our tour guide said that, although salt used to be extremely valuable back in the day, now the real money is in tourism :joy::money_with_wings: And indeed- even with the pandemic and border restrictions, groups of 20 head into the mine every 5 minutes- and we had to wait an hour to get in!

It was well worth the wait though- if you ever find yourself in Poland, the mine is absolutely a must-see! :grin:

White salt on the walls- if left alone, it grows like a living thing

In magick, salt is commonly used for purification and protection :salt:

Thanks to this, there is also a health resort in the mine :hospital: . Because unlike coal mines, the air in the salt mine is so clean and actually has healing properties- thanks to the salt!

I bought a big bag of salt from the gift shop- I’ll be flavoring food and using salt magick with the memories of the mine tour for a long time to come! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

For anyone interested, you can learn more on the Wieliczka Salt Mine webstite (in English)

Do you use salt in your magickal practice? Have you been to/would you ever visit a Salt Mine? :salt::hammer_and_pick:

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and a very blessed Sabbat!

Love, Light, and Salt!


That looks absolutely fascinating, thank you for sharing this. Definitely going on my list!


You are very welcome, @IrisW- I hope you can make it there someday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s nice and cool in the mine in the summertime, but if you find yourself there in winter I recommend bundling up! :coat: :scarf: :blush:

Blessed be!


Wow. Those statues carved from salt are amazing! What wonderful pictures, thank you so much for sharing!


Oh my wow!!! That’s a place I’m adding to my bucket list for sure!! I love the colors and the statue’s and the everything. The energy in the museum had to be off the charts!!! Thank you for showing us your tour!!! :heart_eyes:


Absolutely STUNNING! :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Poland looks so beautiful as well. Those statues carved from Salt though just amazing.


Super cool!! Those carvings and statues are really impressive. I’m sure you must have felt the energy in those mines. It looks amazing! And to breath such pure, clean air too!


Oh wow, that’s astonishing! Hopefully one day I get a chance to visit that place!


This is awesome! Thanks for sharing :two_hearts:


You’re very welcome- sharing the pictures makes me feel like we all experienced the mine together! :blush:

The energy indeed was something else- I was worried I’d feel claustrophobic in the tunnels so far underground, but even with the crowds of tourists it felt so calm down there.

Pure, cool air and very peaceful. Salt is a powerful thing indeed! :salt:


OMG thank you so much for sharing. Love these photos


You’re very welcome, @Missa! So glad you enjoyed them :blush::heart:


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
so happy you were able to experience Wieliczka!
I haven’t been there in years but remember it having the most incredibly pure, calming energy. Thank you so much for sharing these photos - it took me right back! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Very cool! Thank you for sharing!


You’re welcome, @Limeberry- I’m glad if the photos helped to bring back some fun memories of your time there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You’re very welcome, @Peaches! :heart: